Take That and James Corden let it shine for Carpool Karaoke

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We’ve had plenty of amazing singers join James Corden for his (now) iconic Carpool Karaoke. Think MadonnaAdeleGwen StefaniLady GagaSia, and Jennifer Hudson, to name just a few.

And now it has been confirmed that all three of the remaining members of Take That (that’s Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen) are going to be clambering into the car with him for Comic Relief.

Corden invited his old pals over to Los Angeles so that they could film the skit – and the band were surprised at how much work went into the short sing-along video.

“It was an amazing experience filming,” Donald told the Radio Times. “You don't realise how much work goes into it.

“As soon as you get in the car you've got 30, 40 cameras pointing at you from different angles. You have to be sitting in a certain position. There's a crew of about 25 people. You're in convoy, and you're driving around LA for almost three hours.”

Barlow – who was a tad dismissive of Corden’s driving skills (he drives too slowly, apparently) – admitted that the experience had been an incredible one.

However, before you get too worried, the Take That frontman was quick to reassure fans that he and his bandmates have not been tempted to stay in the USA.

“The trouble with LA is, there’s too many cars,” he joked, adding: “We don’t have any designs on breaking America. We honestly don’t. We’re at the wrong point in our career. We celebrate still having a career in Europe!”

It’s a pretty big deal for the band to be invited on Carpool Karaoke, as Corden doesn’t just let anyone join him for the skit.

In fact, Robbie Williams – a former (and possibly future) member of Take That – recently complained that he wasn’t famous enough to warrant an invite.

“James hasn’t got back to me about doing Carpool Karaoke yet,” he told the Daily Star. “It does need to happen [but] I suppose you have to be famous in America to do Carpool.

“I’m not famous there. I’m yet to tick that box.”

Hmm… we wonder if he might just surprise his former bandmates and hop into the car alongside them for their special Red Nose Day segment. Or, for added comedy value, we suppose they could sail past him as he attempts to hitchhike on the LA roadside.

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