Taylor Swift is blocking people from posting snake emojis on her Instagram account

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Moya Crockett
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In the days after Kim Kardashian posted those videos on Snapchat (truly, this generation’s Watergate tapes), Taylor Swift found herself bombarded with one emoji via social media: the snake.

But a glance at Swift’s Instagram account now tells a different story. Suddenly, there’s not a serpent in sight.

According to The Times, Swift has been given access to a special Instagram ‘tool’ that allows her to remove negative or abusive comments on her images in bulk – rather than having to comb through the thousands of comments and delete each negative one individually.

Swift is just one of the Instagrammers testing out the tool for the photo-sharing site. Instagram is reportedly trialling it via several accounts with a high volume of comments, to help them manage abuse and spam.

MailOnline reports a source as saying that “it’s not about stifling debate, but more about finding effective ways to prevent inappropriate comments or online bullying”. 

A spokesperson for Instagram did not confirm whether Swift was specifically being helped to moderate abusive comments, but said: “We’re always looking for ways to help people have a positive experience with comments on Instagram.

“We’re currently focused on providing tools to improve accounts with the most high-volume comment threads. We will use our learnings to improve the comment experience on Instagram.”

So, it seems that Swift is no longer prepared to follow her own mantra and shake off abusive comments. She might, though, take heart in the knowledge that not everyone has turned against her. A group of New Zealand pensioners – with an average age of 82 – recently spent the morning recreating the Shake It Off video, and the results are pretty phenomenal.

Watch the video below: 

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