The beautiful lesson we can learn from Dove Cameron’s most recent Twitter exchange with fans

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Sarah Shaffi
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Dove Cameron. Image: Getty

After the actress opened up, fans offered words of comfort.

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.”

The saying by Seneca, the writer from ancient Rome, is not a bad philosophy to live your life by, and acts of kindness don’t have to be huge to be meaningful and make a difference to someone.

Fans of Dove Cameron took that on board when the actress opened up about feeling overwhelmed.

In response to a fan who asked her how she was, Cameron was honest about being “a little overwhelmed by negativity lately”, adding that she felt like it was everywhere at the moment. It’s unsurprising - many of us have reported feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the news in recent months.

The former Disney actress’ fans leapt to send her their love and, while there were lots of straightforward messages of support, some fans chose to remind Cameron of some of the advice she has offered in the past.

A number replied with a tweet in which Cameron had offered up the advice that people should try not to speak negatively about other people or themselves, with one saying “here is some advice from someone i know, i hope it helps”.

One fan suggested that Cameron, who recently played Cher in Clueless: The Musical in New York, meditate – something she had previously advised when asked what kind of things she did to turn off her brain.

We’re big fans of kindness, and it seems that Cameron’s fans are as well - and that the kindness she has shown in the past has been returned to her when she needed it most.

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