The Cult of Celebrity Selfies

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The cult of the celebrity 'selfie' - where stars post a (usually) flattering self-portrait of themselves on twitter - shows no signs of abating. More than an ego-trip, the celebrity selfie is a star at the most candid they'll ever be, offering a more personal glimpse into their lives (albeit through an Instagram filter), and is even used to break news (from Miley Cyrus and her haircut to Matthew McConaughey and his engagement).

Evolving beyond the classic 'Duck face' pout, hand on hip mirror shot, celebrity selfies now come in many guises, and are surprisingly addictive, from Florence Welch and Alexa Chung's daily outfit choices, to Beyonce and Rihanna's seemingly endless holiday snaps, and ahem Craig David's obsession with the gym.

So for a light mid-afternoon distraction, take a look at our pick of the self-posers on twitter - with plenty of inspiration for your own 'selfies' if you need them...

  • Celebrity Selfies: Alexa Chung on Twitter

    The classic 'look what I'm wearing' selfie, perfectly executed by Alexa Chung. Nice dungarees.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Anna Dello Russo on Instagram

    Want to see Anna Dello Russo's crazy outfits before the street style snappers do? Follow her on Instagram or Twitter, where the blogger and editor posts excellent outfit selfies like this.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Beyonce on Tumblr

    When Beyonce joined Instagram and Tumblr, a series of excellent selfies (usually on a tropical island) ensued.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Cara Delevingne on Twitter

    The model is often snapped pulling bizarre faces backstage, and her twitter feed is no different. This goofy expression is classic Cara - and fellow model Karlie Kloss gets roped in here.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Cat Deeley on Twitter

    Cat Deeley's no make-up "just getting my hair done" selfie shows the star doesn't take herself too seriously.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Craig David on Twitter

    Remember Can U Fill Me In and Seven Days Garage star Craig David? As well as producing music, he's re-invented himself as a fitness guru in Miami - and he constantly tweets selfies showing off his gym-honed body.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Demi Lovato on Instagram

    Demi Lovato is a serial celebrity selfie tweeter (including some rather amusing ones with Simon Cowell) - here's how she says goodnight to her fans.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Demi Moore on Twitter

    Demi Moore has been one of the most prolific users of twitter since celebrities started tweeting. Here's a classic make-up-free, glasses-on snap taken with a web cam.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Florence Welch on Twitter

    When she's not posting vintage-style snaps of her daily outfits, Florence Welch posts more humorous selfies like this one.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Kelly Osbourne on Twitter

    Kelly Osbourne shows off a classic 'on the job' selfie - here she is as a correspondent for the Miss USA pageant.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Lady Gaga on Twitter

    Lady Gaga loves a selfie, and even posted one to show how happy she was that Obama had won the recent US Election.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Girls Aloud on Twitter

    This self-portrait shows the band back together, and was tweeted by Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Heidi Klum on Twitter

    Heidi Klum kick-started the trend for celebrities posting pictures of their enviable bikini bodies on twitter.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Jessica Alba on Twitter

    Celebrities love posing with their famous friends - Jessica Alba cosies up to Girls star Lena Dunham at the Met Gala this year.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Katy Perry on Instagram

    As well as showing off her impressive nail art, Katy Perry also shares selfies on twitter, like this one with patriotic eyelashes.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Kelly Brook on Twitter

    Kelly Brook isn't shy of the revealing selfie - from her revealing stage costumes to make-up-free posts in bed, she tweets everything.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Kim Kardashian

    Like Kelly, Kim Kardashian tweets all kinds of selfie, from glamorous, posed shots with pouty lips and sucked in cheeks (the 'Duck Face' as we like to call it), to this au natural look in the make-up artist's chair.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Kylie Minogue on Instagram

    Kylie tweets great selfies of her enviable wardrobe, like this sparkly creation.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Leah Michele on Twitter

    Leah Michele tweets glamorous selfies like this from the Glee set - providing fans with a sneak peek at Rachel Berry's latest look.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Matthew McConaughey on Twitter

    Matthew McConaughey announced his engagement to Camila Alves with this selfie.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Miley Cyrus on Twitter

    Probably one of the most famous selfies of the year, Miley Cyrus announced her new cropped haircut with this image - and twitter went wild.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Miranda Kerr on Instagram

    Miranda Kerr does the classic celebrity holiday/bikini selfie - designed to make anyone stuck at home jealous.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Nicole Scherzinger on Twitter

    Nicole Scherzinger shows her slightly bonkers side with 'unflattering' selfies like these (although she still looks perfectly beautiful to us to be honest).

  • Celebrity Selfies: Nicole Richie on Instagram

    Nicole Richie specialises in arty selfies - this recent one shows her followers she voted.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Oprah on Twitter

    Another reason to love Oprah - this selfie of the former talk show host/lifestyle guru cooking up a Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Peaches Geldof on Twitter

    Peaches Geldof's twitter feed is 90% adorable snaps of her baby Astala - he's a natural in front of the camera.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Rihanna on Instagram

    From being all alone in a private jet, to half naked in a dressing room, Rihanna tweets almost every detail of her crazy life through selfies.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Rita Ora on Twitter

    Rita Ora shows off her famous pal Gwen Stefani in this selfie.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Tyra Banks on Instagram

    As the inventor of the 'smize', Tyra Banks knows how to take a good selfie - like this fierce picture.

  • Celebrity Selfies: Tom Daley on Instagram

    Like Justin Bieber, Tom Daley supplies his fans with endless selfies - with fewer topless diving photos to post after the Olympics, this one shows off his moustache for Movember.