High school movie cliques

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It's tough being a teenager. There's always the worry that you've said the wrong thing, your latest crush will find out you like them (and OMG they don't fancy you back), or you'll have the wrong band sticker on your satchel. FACE PALM.

But surely the most inescapable thing about being an adolescent is how complicated our the friendship groups can be. One minute you're BFFs, the next you've worn the same Tammy Girl top as your bestie, and now you're mortal enemies. Thankfully, that only happened to us once, but to make us feel a little better here are just some of the best, or worst depending on how you view it, cliques from high school movies.

Got any more? Let us know your favourite in the comments.

  • Mean Girls

    It's not just that Mean Girls really does show a truthful reflection of what it's like trying to fit in with the 'cool crowd' and navigating the bitchiness of an all-girl friendship group, it's also because it's completely hilarious. Case in point: "Stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!"

  • 10 things I hate about you

    OK, so technically this group is just made up of Biana Stratford and her sister Kat. But she is the most popular girl in school, which essentially means she qualifies. And, if we add her sister into that mix, then we've got a clique. While this is an adaptation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, the translation from play to high school movie works surprisingly well.

  • She’s All That

    Another adaptation, this time it's George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. Laney, the awkward art student, is taken on as the 'project' of popular jock, Zack Siler, as he makes a bet with his friends that he could transform her into prom queen material. While Zack manages to redeem himself by being actually nice in the end, his ex-girlfriend, Taylor, makes Laney's life pretty miserable, including "accidentally" pouring a drink over her at a house party. This is one group you don't want to be a part of.

  • The Craft

    Attempting to do 'light as a feather, stiff as a board' with your girlfriends at a sleepover was basically a rite of passage for those of us who were teenagers in the 90s. While these ladies aren't the most popular, they are pretty badass, which rapidly turns into just terrifying once leader Nancy gets drunk on power and starts killing people. If you saw these walking down the corridor at school, we'd probably run and hide.

  • Heathers

    Winona Ryder never stops being cool, does she? In Heathers, which came out between Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, she plays Veronica, who is friends with the most popular girls in school - three girls all called Heather. However, Veronica realises that they're actually not very nice and sort of accidentally plots to kill them with her boyfriend, Dean (played Christian Slater). Proof that being in a clique isn't always that fun.

  • Easy A

    Amanda Bynes features here as the head of the Christian group, Marianne, who believe that Emma Stone's character, Olive is in need of help, after she pretends that she's sleeping around at school. Sure, their crowd isn't the coolest and Marianne is pretty mean to Olive but that doesn't make them any less of a clique. Plus, it's worth watching just for this interaction between Bynes and Stones.

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    Interesting fact: the popular girl in Napolean Dynamite is played by Hillary Duff's sister, Haylie. Summer Wheatly is loved by all the boys, including Napoleon. Sadly, he doesn't stand a chance.

  • Carrie

    Poor Carrie. Sure, she's got a crazy mum, can move things with her mind, and there's that small matter of being a raging murderer, but all things considered she has it pretty tough. For example, when the most popular boy at school invites her to prom, she then gets ridiculed by the cool kids by having a bucket of pigs blood tipped over her, which they orchestrate to humiliate her. No one deserves that. Note to self: always make sure you're in the cool group, otherwise you might end up with animal blood on you.

  • Clueless the Musical has been confirmed

  • Grease

    This is the ultimate high school movie with the ultimate high school clique. While we were always a little scared of Rizzo, that's never stopped us from wanting to be in her gang.