The cast of Mrs Doubtfire have reunited to tell old stories about Robin Williams

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The cast of the 1993 hit Mrs Doubtfire have reunited, three and a half years after Robin Williams passed away, to retell heartwarming stories of working with the talented actor

Mrs Doubtfire is a brilliantly silly, funny, cuddly film that has stayed with many of its watchers for over 25 years.

At its centre, it’s the tale of a father who would do literally anything to spend time with his children, and the fact that he decides to dress up as an old Scottish woman to do this, is just all the more hilarious.

But although the concept was a winner from the start, it’s the performance Robin Williams gives as Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire that makes it legendary. 

The comical but soothing tone, that quickly turns into a bite (we all remember “touch me again and I’ll drown you, you b*****d”), the on-point comedic timing and the talent to switch from funny to heartfelt in a moment, bringing the audience along with him.

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Williams tragically committed suicide on the 14 August 2014, but as his legacy lives on in the many films he’s acted in, it does also in the sweet stories told by his former colleagues.

News of a Mrs Doubtfire reunion has been around since last month when Lisa Jakub, who played Lydia in the film, posted a picture to Instagram of the cast back together at the TODAY show. 

But yesterday (Wednesday 28 November) the show’s YouTube channel finally posted the extended interview which shows the cast’s full conversations about the wonderful experiences they enjoyed making the film with Williams.

Matthew Lawrence, who played Chris in the film, regaled a story from filming, when Williams took to the streets of San Francisco in costume. “Nobody knew,” he said. “They thought [he was] my nanny. And he played it off and sat down with these other two British ladies. They didn’t even know, it was incredible!”

Mara Wilson, who played five-year-old Natalie in the film described Williams as “very kind, very giving, very funny.” Adding, “there were innumerable times that he made us laugh.”

Looking a little emotional, Piers Brosnan who played Stuart agreed, “[He was] deeply human, kind, generous, loving.” 

The cast also recalled that Williams was very open about his mental health and the pain he felt, something which the younger members of the cast found extremely powerful.

“Robin was like a guiding source.” Lawrence said. “He would just all of a sudden, out of the blue look over and be like, ‘Don’t do drugs. They really messed up my brain, I’m serious. Do not do them.’ That stuck with me.”

Jakub also shared her experiences with Willams: “One of the most powerful things for me about working with him is that he was very open and honest with me talking about his issues with addiction and depression. That was so powerful to me at 14. I have struggles with anxiety my whole life.”

You can watch the full interview for yourself here

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