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He may have missed out on an Oscar nomination (shame on them), but Ryan Gosling will always be a star in our eyes. And we’re not the only ones – entire tumblrs have been dedicated to his unique brand of macho-sensitivity (check out and the legendary if you don’t believe us). With the kind of stare we can only describe as 'intense', and cutting a lean, muscular figure, it's not hard to see why he's proved so successful at the box office. Enjoy, as we celebrate the many faces of Ryan...

Words: Jadie Troy-Pryde, pictures: Rex Features

  • Working a new look

    We'll be honest - we weren't totally sure this colour would work on Ryan, but we have to say, he's really pulling it off. Not sure how we'll feel when the roots start coming back in, however...

    The Place Beyond The Pines, New York, August 2011

  • Just walking the dog

    George was instructed to pull on his lead at all times in order to make Ryan's muscles look even more defined...

    New York, July 2011

  • Doing the cool thing in Cannes

    This man can make even wearing a pyjama top in the daytime look acceptable.

    Drive photo call, Cannes Film Festival, May 2011

  • Tuxedo blues

    No danger of being confused with a waiter. Not when you're this handsome. And don't you think the blue beautifully picks out the colour of his eyes?

    Drive premiere, Cannes Film Festival, May 2011

  • Jetlagged, much?

    Carrying off that just-been-on-an-11-hour-flight look with aplomb

    Arriving at LAX, Los Angeles, September 2010

  • Return of the bomber jacket

    Perhaps inspired by the silver scorpion one he sported in Drive, Ryan rocks vintage leather

    Out and about in Cannes, France, May 2011

  • Off duty chic

    Even when he's forgotten to shave for a few days (okay, months), it just makes him look more rugged.

    Blue Valentine film set, New York, May 2009

  • Need a fireman's lift? Ryan's your man

    To get into character for his role as a furniture removal man, Ryan apparently spent a day with a real removals firm, lugging heavy boxes up and down stairways. Totally method.

    Ryan on the set of Blue Valentine in New York, May 2009

  • Always accessorise with a beautiful woman

    There is no shortage of attractive female co-stars who are only too happy to accompany Mr Gosling to premieres; and they all have the same, smug, 'Yeah, I'm with Ryan - deal with it' look, like the one Emma Stone currently sports here. Let's face it, so would we.

    Crazy Stupid Love premiere, New York, 19th July 2011

  • Gosling gets serious

    It's a look that means business; master of the intense stare, Ryan uses it to good effect in his role as a pick up artist in last year's black comedy.

    Crazy Stupid Love, 2011

  • Top of the class

    Lessons were never this much fun in our day. Ryan picked up rave reviews for his portrayal of a drug-addicted inner city teacher.

    Half Nelson, 2006.

  • Table for one

    We like how Ryan makes eating solo look so cool (do you reckon he slips the leftovers under the table to his dog, George?)

  • Keeping it in the family

    He often takes his sister, Mandi, and mum, Donna, to premieres with him. Perhaps they act as bodyguards to keep away screaming fans.

    Drive, 2011

  • The ultimate anti-hero

    The Gosling cranks up the intense-ometer to maximum to play the mysterious, brooding stuntman in Drive - a man of few words who lets his skill behind the wheel do the talking

    Drive, 2011

  • He wears it well

    Ryan is a study in casually dishevelled chic, filming his role as a policeman on the LAPD force in the 1950s in yet another tuxedo.

    Gangster Squad set, Los Angeles, November 2011

  • Dressed for success

    Ryan's role as an idealistic campaigner on the election trail in The Ides of March pitted him against industry heavyweight George Clooney as a flawed presidential candidate, and he more than holds his own.

    The Ides of March premiere, Los Angeles, September 2011

  • In thoughtful mode

    He just always looks so damn...intelligent. As if he's about to start writing poetry, or compose a sonnet. Or is that just us?

  • Onscreen chemistry with Michelle Williams

    One of the roles that captured our hearts, Ryan's portrayal of a ukelele-playing, working class romantic whose marriage to Michelle's ambitious nurse breaks down is one of his finest.

    Blue Valentine, 2010

  • Our romantic hero

    This film marks the birth of Ryan's rise to prominence as a good-looking, heartbreaking lead; the beautiful love story between him and Rachel McAdams' character (the rich girl he falls for) spilled over into real life, and the couple dated for two years.

    Scene from The Notebook, 2004.

  • Best buddies

    Can you imagine the hysteria that would ensue if Ryan and George ever went out on the pull together? The phrase 'don't fancy yours much' would literally be redundant.

    The Ides of March press conference at Toronto International Film Festival, September 2011

  • Sharp dressed man

    We'll say this about Ryan: he knows how to wear a suit.

    Late Show with David Letterman, New York, July 2011

  • Ryan: the early days

    This is an early publicity shot from 2002, pre-intense stare. Check out the fresh faced, boyish good looks, the bashful smile, and the floppy hair. He could basically have become an American Hugh Grant. Thankfully, he did not.

  • Geek chic

    Displaying an endearing willingness to try out different fashion trends, this is actually a still from the film where he plays a delusional man who attempts to form a relationship with a life sized sex doll he buys on the internet. You can't say he doesn't like to push boundaries...

    Lars and the Real Girl, 2007

  • This is where it all began...

    In the grand tradition of stars such as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, young Ryan started his career in the performing arts by regularly appearing on kids TV show The Mickey Mouse Club,singing and dancing. He even has a bad boy past; according to fellow Club member JT, they once stole a golf cart on the MGM film lot.

    Ryan is front left next to Britney; Christina Aguilera middle right, JT top right.

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