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This weekend's Halloween-themed X Factor was all about drama and tension, as Sophie Habibis was sent packing in shock sing-off with Misha B. The judges' decision was unanimous - and included Kelly Rowland, who called into the show from LA after taking time off sick.

Below, we have all the latest X Factor looks plus reaction from the show direct from Twitter. Do you agree with the opinions we've chosen for each act? And who wore what best? Let us know on @StylistMagazine - but first, take a look through the gallery...

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  • The bottom two

    Misha B

    @TinchyStryder: "Hold up!!!!.... I'm @ the X factor & Misha B is in the bottom 2 wtf!!!.... Is this really the public vote!! Wow!"

    @TheXFactor: "'Poor Sophie' is trending worldwide. She can definitely hold her head up high. But can Misha B pull it back after being in the bottom two?"

  • The bottom two

    Sophie Habibis

    @ChelseaHP: "Foaming about Sophie leaving X Factor. I think if Misha's a bully, then she should be kicked out the competition no matter how talented she is"

    @BritishTeens: "If Sophie doesn't get a recording contract, I will actually refuse to watch The X Factor next year."

  • The guest performers

    Cher Lloyd

    @realdivafever: "Loving Cher Lloyds outfit on x factor ! You go girl! X"

    @KatieWeasel: "This weekend brings a time of horror beyond comprehension, insidious terror and malevolence. In other words, Cher Lloyd returns to X Factor"

  • The guest performers

    Nicole Scherzinger

    @ben_foden: "Did Nicole Scherzinger just Meow????? Very weird??? X factor seems to be on the way out.. . . . terrible TV"

    @deansmith7: "Putting Nicole Scherzinger on after Cher Lloyd is like eating caviar after a plate full of diarrhoea"

  • The judges

    Tulisa (Saturday)

    @TheDrinkingGod: "Still can't get over how hot Cher Lloyd was on #xfactor last night, still nothing on Tulisa!"

    @ClareLYoung: "Anyone else feel Tulisa is insincere and trying to say anything to smooze after last week's faux pas"

  • The judges

    Alexandra Burke (Saturday)

    @jamesfoward: "Alexandra Burke what an amazing guest judge on @xfactor"

    @andiosho: "Alexandra Burke as an #xfactor judge don't work. You don't get a 6th former to come back and mark GCSE exams"

  • The judges

    Gary Barlow

    @Lookmagazine: "Ffinally! Close corridor encounter with Gary Barlow. Hot-t-t #xfactor backstage"

    @markmeets: "Gary Barlow clearly thinks at Halloween you have to wear more fake tan than Amy Child's and Katie Price combined!"

  • The judges

    @danwootton: "Louis hinting that Kelly Rowland might not actually be sick on The Xtra Factor right now. DRAMAZ.COM! #xfactor"

    @xf_syc: "So my results show that 2million of you want Louis Walsh to go tonight."

  • The judges

    Tulisa (Sunday)

    @fieldandfallow: "Tulisa looks nice tonight."

    @adulescent: "Alexandre Burke in Jonathan Saunders, Tulisa in a cloud of faux-chiffon polyester. Oh my. #xfactor"

  • The judges

    Alexandra Burke (Sunday)

    @SamsMochi: "haters gonna hate, but alexandra burke did actually win the show once. success or not, i personally think it was an appropriate replacement."

    @CelebJuice: "Quick question Dermot. What is the number to vote Alexandra Burke off?"

  • The girls

    @edballsmp: "You have to say... Misha B is in a different class #xfactor"

    @MrPhilGilbert: "And so for Halloween night Misha B is dressed as a Rhino #XFactor"

  • The girls

    Sophie Habibas

    @TomDaley1994: "I think Sophie was great tonight!!! @TheXFactor"

    @ClareLYoung: "Is Sophie out of tune or is it my ears?!"

  • The girls

    Janet Devlin

    @LipsOfEvil: "All Janet needs to do is stand on stage and talk and i'd vote for her. #xfactor"

    @InbetweenWill: "A Halloween themed performance should be Child's Play for Janet 'Chucky' Devlin. #BriefcaseFactor"

  • The boys

    Frankie Cocozza

    @lucciexo: "I seriously can't hate Frankie Cocozza! There's just something about him..."

    @rufusjones1: "Frankie. It's like Johnny Rotten got into the telepod in The Fly but Daniel Radcliffe accidentally flew in with him."

  • The boys

    Craig Colton

    @thehitsradio: "Craig is the male Adele... #xfactor"

    @danwootton: "Craig is very Glee isn't he! Sort of doesn't work with this song. #xfactor"

  • The boys

    Marcus Collins

    @reallorraine: "My fave on x factor is Marcus. He was brilliant last night - and he is a lovely boy. Let's make sure he gets kept in!"

    @JaniceForsyth: "Marcus is the Goth Tintin! #xfactor"

  • The groups

    The Risk

    @AshleyTheRisk: "The Risk are going far. They smashed tonight... I am the now the biggest Riskette!"

    @Alice_Atkinson: "Rhythmix are now Little Mix so The Risk may as well change their name to Pick N Mix considering they've replaced and added so many members."

  • The groups

    Little Mix

    @pixiegeldof1: "is it lame that I love little mix?! #xfactor"

    @_vickypollard_: "#Xfactor from rhythmix to little mix to working in screwfix"

  • The overs

    Kitty Brucknell

    @GizziErskine: "Im going to say it. Im slowly heading towards camp Kitty #xfactor #didntseethatcoming"

    @indiaknight: "Kitty. It's like a velociraptor being called BooBoo."

  • The overs

    Johnny Robinson

    @KELLYROWLAND: "Wow, Johnny sounds SO GREAT! yayyyyy!"

    @MrPaparazzi: "how old is Johnny? he could easily be 33 or 53. ... i have NO IDEA. #xfactor"

  • The presenter

    Dermot O'Leary

    @humi7: "Dermet dance was awesome!! #xfactor"

    @SophieBurke_: "Dermot said about JLS being the most sucessful thing to come from X-Factor infront of Alexandra Burke... awkward"