The X Factor: Week 9 Fashion and Reaction


The X Factor Semi Final was never going to be tame, with this week's mash-up theme of Motown vs. The Song to Get You into The Final. With semi-finalists Mischa B, Marcus Collins and Amelia-Lily having their performances universally praised, it proved a rocky night for Little Mix - who were criticised for shakey vocals in their renditions of If I were a Boy and Set Me Free. But it was Mischa who was finally given her marching orders in a nail-biting showdown. Catch up with all the fashion and twitter action from the show, below.

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  • The Guest Stars

    Kelly Rowland

    @bethneil "I'd go everywhere - even Tesco - in just my bra and knickers if I looked like Kelly Rowland. #xfactor"

    @darren_ruback: "Tonight Kelly Rowland is taking a Zumba class #xfactor"

  • The Guest Stars

    Justin Bieber

    @TheXFactor "Justin Bieber and #xfactor going on a trending frenzy! The most potent social media combination of all time?"

    @AidenMonster "When Justin Bieber came on stage yesterday at the XFactor, my 7 year old sister even said "boring"! And that's his target audience!"

  • The Host

    Dermot O'Leary

    @4Music "Marry me, Dermot #xfactor"

    @digitalspy "Why does Dermot keep doing this to himself? #xfactor"

  • The Judges

    Tulisa Contostavlos (Saturday)

    @DanPBaldwin "Wow. Tulisa has a bag of pick 'n' mix round her neck."

    @TheMediaTweets "In the back of her mind, Tulisa was surely thinking 'I thought that was just the song from the DHL advert'... #XFactor"

  • The judges

    Tulisa Contostavlos (Sunday)

    @GemmaRoseBreger: "What they going to wear next week for the final if Kelly and Tulisa are in sparkles tonight"

    @CaRissaUnLocked: "Tulisa look so awkward in her outfit"

  • The Judges

    Kelly Rowland (Saturday)

    @JAMESINREHAB "Style wars goes to Kelly Rowland AGAIN!! Tulisa needs a new stylist! #xfactor"

    @madnewsblog ""In a group there is always a lead singer" Err there wasn't a lead singer in En Vogue Kelly.... #X-Factor"

  • The Judges

    Kelly Rowland (Sunday)

    @Barbara4003 "Kelly Rowland looks stunning in that silver dress #xfactor"

    @olaffy_taffy: "Only kelly rowland can work that silver backless dress"

  • The Judges

    Gary Barlow (Saturday)

    @pgoften ""bands need a lead singer, a Gary Barlow figure, if you will" #xfactor"

    @DevonAnderson87 "Gary Barlow is the truth!!!!!"

  • The Judges

    Louis Walsh (Saturday)

    @laurenlavergne "Twitter appears to be claiming that Louis Walsh has murdered Berry Gordy. Bad times."

    @NickyAACampbell "If Louis Walsh was still alive he'd sign him #xfactor"

  • The Girls


    @willbuxton "Tell you what, Amelia Lily is good... but it's like Usain Bolt being allowed to enter the marathon but only run the last 200metres. #XFactor"

    @_vickypollard_ "#xfactor Amelia looks like a Chess board"

  • The Girls


    @alexa_chung "yes amelia lily"

    @MissCay "Amelia Lily speaks like she's trying to read off a broken autocue. #xfactor"

  • The Girls


    @henryholland "Best song choice for mischa b ever. Worst idea for a set though. Looks like a deleted scene from Step Up 3."

    @O2Priority "Mischa B was brill, and we love the dress made of vinyl records! #xfactor"

  • The Girls


    @melissaodabash "#mischa b voice is great"

    @Charles_HRH "One would like to remind Misha B that she has not won X Factor just yet. #xfactor"

  • The Boys

    Marcus Collins

    @Popjustice "(Motown Week was made for Marcus)"

    @SimonJCLeBON "#xfactor Brilliant! Motown and Marcus Botox."

  • The Boys

    Marcus Collins

    @VictoriaCoren "Well, I didn't see it coming this year but looks like Marcus is the surprise winner and I'm really glad, he seems lovely. #StillMissJohnny"

    @IainDale "I am a big fan of Marcus, but that performance was s***e warmed up."

  • The Groups

    Little Mix

    @deanpiper "Little Mix have upped their game so much! #GOGIRLS #xfactor"

    @TheMattEvers "Did little mix forget the lyrics?!? #xfactor"

  • The Groups

    Little Mix

    @richardm56 "Littlemix pulled the whole semi-final right back with that performance."

    @Unnamedinsider "LittleMix looks like they were coated in glue and pushed through Top Shop #xfactor"


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