Tom Hanks is reading out “nice tweets” about random acts of kindness and it’s so pure

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Tom Hanks nearly guest-starred in Friends as male nanny Sandy.

Forget “mean tweets”, the Hollywood star is shining a light on the feel-good corner of the internet – because, of course he is.

Name something more heartwarming than Tom Hanks – arguably, the nicest guy in Hollywood – reading out tweets about real-life acts of kindness.

We’ll wait.

If you follow Hanks on Twitter, you’ll know he’s no stranger to good deeds: regularly doing things like photobombing weddings and finding personal items of great significance that have been lost in parks and reuniting them with their owners. He’s one of the good guys.

So, while “mean tweets” – celebrities reading out, and responding to, awful tweets about them – has become something of a cultural sensation; when Twitter Movies flipped this on its head with “nice tweets” for Thanksgiving, there was really no one else for the job.

The Oscar-winning actor sat down with Twitter to read through some of the sweetest tweets on the internet, from stories of triumph over adversity to random acts of kindness.

The first tweet was from a former McDonald’s employee, who, over the course of two and a half years, would put in 11 chicken nuggets in every 10-piece meal he would make.

After reading the tweet aloud, Hanks added: “That is a man who’s not only being nice, but he’s feeding the world a little bit better, and [he’s] bucking the corporate strategy. Bravo! That’s a nice thing to do!”

Another Twitter user recalled how during her commute, she saw the person next to her watching The Office and that she “not-so-subtly watched along”. When the passenger noticed, he turned on the subtitles so that she could read along.

Hanks agreed it was a nice thing to do “because who doesn’t love to read along with The Office?” 

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The third tweet nearly moved Hanks to tears, when a user shared how her father had sent her a cookie cake in the shape of a heart after a break-up that read: “You’re still my #1 Love, Dad.”

“I’m gonna start crying again, because that’s absolutely beautiful,” Hanks said. “By the way, whoever broke up with you is a dope.”

The next tweet Hanks read about was about a dog called “Bear” who was abandoned as a puppy for having an obsessive-compulsive disorder but went on to become a koala detection dog. Bear now helps save injured or misplaced koalas in Australia’s east coast, which is currently being ravaged by bushfires that are destroying the koalas’ habitat.

“This is a Disney movie,” Hanks declared. “That must be made. The story of Bear: the koala detection dog. That’s adorable. I Like Bear.”

Is this Hank’s next project? We’ll be watching.

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