Tyra Banks’ process for dealing with adult bullies is so relatable

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Tyra Banks has continued to defy the pressures put upon women in the public eye with her irrepressible body positivity. So when Bebe Rexha came under fire from a sexist music executive, she was on hand to deliver one of her signature messages of support. 

If you’ve ever watched Tyra Banks in action on America’s Next Top Model, you’ll know that she always has an empowering message on standby when the going gets tough. From overcoming personal adversity to learning to love your imperfections, Banks’ signature pep talks are now the stuff of pop culture legend. 

As an outspoken critic of the pervasive tabloid scrutiny placed on women, Banks also has absolutely no time for body shaming. (If you’re not familiar with her iconic “kiss my fat ass” monologue, we strongly suggest you get acquainted ASAP.)

So when Bebe Rexha came under fire from a sexist music producer who asserted that she is “too old to be sexy” (she’s 29, by the way), Banks was on hand to deliver some much-needed words of solidarity. 

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Banks, who broke boundaries when she became the first black model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997, told Access Hollywood that Rexha could consider her a massive fan.

“I think she’s the sexiest. Oh my God. When you watch her on Instagram, do you see her pictures? I’m like, ‘I want to look like you’…that body. Her face! She’s like stunning…intimidatingly stunning,” she remarked.

The legendary supermodel, who has continued to defy the pressures put upon women in the public eye with her irrepressible body positivity, went on to explain that ageism frequently comes from a place of hurt, prompting people to project their insecurities. 

“When people are saying negative things about age, they have serious age, personal insecurities. And I actually really feel for that person that is being very ageist and is saying something very negative because when age starts to hit them, it is going to be traumatic. And so what they’re doing is they’re throwing that negativity that they feel about their fears about ageing onto you,” she went on to explain.

Tyra Banks was the first first African American model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 1997

The America’s Next Top Model creator, who recently emerged from retirement with a mission to push for inclusive representation in the modelling industry, also took a moment to share her healing process when faced with prejudiced commentary. 

“I say we’re human beings and so when we hear things it hurts. But I say acknowledge it and then throw it out. And by throwing it out it’s that meditation,” she explained. 

After processing the pain, Banks’ stressed, it’s important to call upon your network of friends and family to share your trauma. Through sharing your experiences, you can then progress with your personal evolution.

“It’s that crying, it’s that calling your friends, calling your mama. And getting that out and moving on and realising that the person that said that is hurting inside…whenever anybody is negative about that they are terrified of it,” she continued.

And that’s exactly what Tyra Banks is still at the top of her game. 

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