Woman responds in the best way possible to the receipt of an unsolicited d*ck pic

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Harriet Hall
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There’s a lot of fun things about being a woman, and one of them is being the recipient of unwanted and unsolicited photographs of men’s genitalia.

Aren’t we lucky?

The delivery of said pictures has become such a regular occurrence in women’s lives, that it even made for a topic of discussion on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.

So it's unsurprising that one woman has had about enough.

Instead of ignoring the photographs or questioning why the sender thought such behaviour was appropriate, Sarah-Louise Jordan, 28, has drafted an entire letter or rejection which she sends to offenders.

Sharing the image on Facebook, Jordan explains: "I found a surprising picture in my messages. So, I did the only English thing there was to do; I wrote them a letter."

With a polite opening, the hilarious letter says: “Dear Sir, Thank you for the unexpected and unsolicited submission of your penis portrait for our consideration,” before explaining why the photograph is unwanted.

The letter is written on old-fashioned paper, with a Hogwarts-like crest and has since been shared over 1,000 times. In it, Jordan lists several reasons why the photograph is not welcome, saying:

“Genitals are not an acceptable conversation opener,” and “there are better ways to deal with your sexual frustration.”

The letter then explains why the photograph has fails “standards of quality control,” including:

“Note: the number one reason for this occurring is that it is attached to a bigger dick than itself.”

The letter is a witty and - we think - quite frankly restrained response to what is actually a sex crime.

Sarah has formatted it so that it can be printed out and posted, or screenshotted for use by other women - see the full post, below.

Go forth, ladies.