Vivienne Westwood: Who really rules us?

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"Who are our rulers? They are the central banks who have the power to create money and debt.

We have a system of ‘neofeudalism’ in which all of us and our national governments are enslaved to debt. This system is governed by the central banks and by the Bank for International Settlements, and it systematically transfers the wealth of the world out of our hands and into their hands. They do this by printing money – now called fiat money.

The reality is this is a system run on debt that creates wealth for these rulers. (America is $16.7 trillion in debt.)

Fiat money is money created by decree; central banks no longer need to print money, they just enter it into their computer accounts: ‘Let there be $1 trillion!’ This is what central banks did for the banks that were in default. The fiat money, which is now a debt, then becomes a burden to the tax payer – babies unborn are now up to their necks in debt to our governments who promise to pay back the central banks from future taxes.

It is obvious to me that this system run on debt is also run on destruction.

These future taxes will be creamed off from the work of real wealth creation – and under our present system real wealth creation depends largely upon the continuing depletion of finite resources – agriculture and the mining and use of fossil fuels. ‘Real wealth’ is given to the central banks to pay them back for money they created out of thin air.

These ‘rulers’ dominate the world’s resources. But these are finite resources which include food – due to soil depletion and the effects of Big Agriculture. [Film] Food, Inc. exposed that, in the US, so long as farmers have contracts with Big Ag, the banks will lend them money. To satisfy Big Ag, farmers must implement factory farming methods and feed their animals on maize which is massively overproduced.

The rulers are using up the world’s finite resources and killing life on earth with degradation and pollution: Debt And Destruction!

For the system to continue the debt must continue to mount. However the system is now running at peak operation and the signs are that it has indeed peaked. To illustrate this, I refer to a recent article in the Financial Times, a warning from investors. They warn governments that they must support the fossil fuel industries – which are finite and therefore becoming more expensive – not renewables which are infinite and therefore ultimately cheap – otherwise power stations will close and the opportunity for investment will collapse. It shows how Climate Revolution (stop fracking etc. threatens the ruling system of finite economy (Debt And Destruction). This bare faced admittance! It comes from a system under stress.

Climate Revolution will topple these rulers by fighting for:

What's good for the planet is good for the economy. What's bad for the planet is bad for the economy

Plainly the fossil fuel industry is under stress. Bill McKibben exposed this in his brilliant article Do The Math. Fossil fuel corporations present their assets based on what’s in the ground, even to the extent that it is too difficult to extract with present technology. This attracts investors who are greedy enough to believe the impossibility that they will recoup great returns on their investment. If we do use up only the fuels which are traditionally easy to get at we will have runaway Climate Change.

Judging by this map [left], if climate change caused by the mining and use of fossil fuels continues to escalate, everybody would be dead before the corporations could extract those hard-to-get assets. Yet already they can’t wait, they are all in competition to get fuel (and sell it cheap so as to outsell the others) from the Arctic (we must stop them or we’ve had it), from tar sands (350. org has managed to halt the pipeline [a project that would pump over one million barrels of dirty ‘tar sands’ oil from Canada to the USA]), from fracking (which peaked in the US).

This system is madly inefficient, causing suffering and death of animals and animal disease which can be passed on to humans through the food chain. The cost of having to implement the machines and systems is out of all proportion to the farmers’ profits: the farmers constantly have to borrow money from the banks to implement the system – typical would be $20m profit per year and yet the farmer owes close on $2m to the bank. The farmers are desperate.

Work it out! By this process, the banks come to own the farms and the land. All that money the farmers borrow – no doubt it ultimately comes from the central banks – fiat money – and the ‘real wealth’ ends up in their hands.

NB. The creation of fiat money as a means of creating debt makes a farce of austerity.

NB. Politics is connected: Politicians support the rulers and are manipulated by them.

Why are the rulers doing this? Why do they have to own everything? There’s only one answer: because they want power. Power over life and death.

Gods sitting on Mount Olympus playing a giant game of monopoly.”

In February 2010, Vivienne Westwood designed one of three bespoke covers for Stylist’s first fashion issue. #Stylist200

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