Vogue Williams reveals she suffered from stress after being body shamed during pregnancy

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Susan Devaney
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TV presenter Vogue Williams has opened up about fearing her pregnancy wasn’t normal, after being body shamed online. 

Being pregnant and awaiting the arrival of your child is supposed to be one of the most precious moments of a person’s life. But for Vogue Williams, carrying her first child while in the spotlight has left her seeking medical advice.

Speaking out on This Morning she said: “To be told you are putting your unborn child at risk, I think that’s really offensive. Unless you’re a doctor you should be dolling out that advice to anyone anyway.

Williams, who is expecting her first child with Spencer Matthews, was criticised online for working out while pregnant. 

“For the first fifteen weeks I couldn’t because I was so sick, and some people have that the whole way through, but because I feel better now and have my doctor’s advice, it’s good for me to do.”

Host Holly Willoughby said the “stress and anxiety” caused by those making “horrible” comments could be more “detrimental” than working out. 

“It does stress you out because some of the comments sent me to the doctor,” she said. “People were telling me, ‘Your bump is too small, there’s something wrong with you’ and I went to the doctor asking ‘is there something wrong with the baby?’ But he’s actually a big baby, which is brilliant – but also terrifying.”

Host Phillip Schofield then asked: “So those comments sent you to the doctor?”

Williams replied: “When enough people say something you think ‘maybe they’re right, maybe I should have a bigger bump’.”

Williams also revealed she was fat shamed at seven months pregnant after she posted pictures from her baby shower. But, trying to make the situation light-hearted she joked that she is now looking forward to parent shaming.

“I also heard parent shaming is a big thing,” she said. “So I can’t wait for that.”

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