The trailer for Emilia Clarke’s new horror film is utterly terrifying

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Amy Swales
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Ordinarily, a small boy probably wouldn’t faze Daenerys Targaryen too much, but this is apparently no ordinary small boy.

A trailer for Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke’s new film has been released, and it’s fair to say it’s pretty creepy.

Voice from the Stone is set in 1950s Tuscany and follows Verena (Clarke), a nurse looking after a young boy, Jacob, who hasn’t spoken since his beloved mother’s death.

In the trailer, which you can watch in full below, it soon becomes apparent that a) there’s something weird about Jacob, and b) she might want to get the hell out of Dodge pretty damned soon.

It takes place in a beautiful but appropriately terrifying castle-like abode, where strange voices echo through the walls and old ladies say things like “He saw terrible things. He heard terrible things.” Oh good.

Voice from the Stone, an adaptation of the Italian author Silvio Raffo’s novel of the same name, will be released in select cinemas and on-demand services April 28.

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