Watch: Melania Trump expertly use her coat to subtly avoid holding Trump's hand

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Susan Devaney
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People have taken to Twitter to comment on First Lady Melania Trump refusing to hold the President’s hand for the third time. 

For many months now, people have had their opinions on President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s marriage. From Melania not standing up during his first State of the Union address to the video that sparked the hashtag #FreeMelania, people have doubted it’s credibility. 

And then there was the viral hand swat – and it’s happened again for the third time.

As the pair left the White House to head to Chicago this week, it looked like Trump tried to hold Melania’s hand and she subtly swatted it away. The awkward moment resulted in the pair abruptly stopping for the cameras and then Trump placing his hand on Melania’s back instead as they headed toward the plane. 

Of course, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the awkward encounter.

“Can she not wear a coat the normal way?,” one user wrote, referring to Melania draping her coat over her shoulders. 

“Not when her purpose is to keep her hands hidden in case Trump wants to hold one of them for show,” another user replied. 

“I always wondered why Melania wore her coat in such a stupid manner. I’ve never seen any woman consistently wear every coat like that. Now I know why! So Trump can’t ever grab her hand! Ha! Wearing a coat like that seems uncomfortable but look at the alternative. #coatskills,” one user wrote. 

“I have realised that Melania wears her coats draped over her shoulders because it makes it impossible for Donald to hold her hand,” posted another user. 

Only last month adult film star, Stormi Daniels claimed she had had an affair with the President in 2006 and was paid a settlement of $130,000 (£94,000) to keep quiet about it. However, Daniels then backtracked by denying the affair. 

Images: Twitter / Rex Features