These 7 inspiring women have shared truly brilliant 10 year challenges

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Have you been wondering what the #10yearchallenge is and who’s been doing it? 

The internet, and more specifically social media, is a breeding ground for weird crazes. Without rhyme or reason, something as simple as a style of photo or a type of dance can spark popularity and be born into a challenge, sweeping across your feed like wildfire. 

From The Harlem Shake to Fallen Stars, most of these challenges are a little bit, well, random. But the latest hashtag that’s been gaining attention from social media users seems perfectly fitting to the new year, as it’s about reflecting on who you were (and what you looked like) 10 years ago. 

What is the #10yearchallenge? 

It’s pretty simple really. To celebrate the beginning of 2019, social media users have been posting a split picture of themselves, with the left hand side showing what they looked like in 2009 and the right showing who they are in 2019. 

The challenge has also been posted under some different, less empowering, names such as #howharddidaginghityou or #glowupchallenge which we are unsurprisingly not such a fan of. 

But, it seems that by and large these posts are mostly about reflecting on how much you have grown as a person, what you have learned and what has changed for the better in the last 10 years. Which we can get on board with. 

Who’s doing the #10yearchallenge? 

Anyone and everyone can do the challenge, but a few of our favourite women in particular have taken to posting about their 2009 selves, with some rather inspiring results. From Stylist Live speaker, transgender activist and model Munroe Bergdorf to author and journalist Poorna Bell, these inspirational women have shared some well worth reading reflections on where they were a decade ago. 

Munroe Bergdorf

Bergdorf is a prominent voice in the transgender community and has spoken about her physical gender transition seven years ago, at the age of 24. Although the image she’s shared here isn’t from 2009 (when she would have been 21) it shows how far she’s come since her adolescence.

Leann Rimes 

The singer has some positive attitudes to share on how she’s aged in the last 10 years - most notably as a person. Rimes expresses how happy she is to have more wisdom, joy and peace in her life, and be more connected with herself as a person, which we couldn’t agree more is something to be grateful for. 

Jameela Jamil

One of our women of the year, Jamil dedicated her 2018 to being a loud and controversial voice against the pressures on women to conform to beauty stereotypes, to lose weight and to measure themselves by the way they look. From tearing down popular figures who endorse weight loss supplements to refusing to be airbrushed in magazine shoots, Jamil’s message and focus has been clear, which is something she reiterates here in her own version of the #10yearchellenge. 

Kate Beckinsale 

Beckinsale’s Instagram game is always high thanks to her particularly dry brand of wittiness that she uses to caption every post, and this one’s no different. Not only does she laugh at herself and her former make-up habits, she hones in on the most important thing about where she is in her life now, which is being happy. 

Naturi Naughton

From joining hit show Power, having a child and growing within herself, Naughton’s journey over the last 10 years is impressive and inspiring. What makes it even more so, is that she has the ability to recognise how far she’s come and what an incredible woman she is. 

Sonequa Martin-Green

“Getting older is the BEST” - imagine what a better place the world would be if more women were taught this from a young age? Career ambitions met, friendships developed, experiences had, Martin-Green hits the nail on the head as she shines a light on all the wonderful things ageing has brought her. 

Ellen DeGeneres

It’s no surprise that DeGeneres, universally recognised as one of the funniest women on the planet, used her #10yearchallenge as an opportunity to make us giggle. But by showing these two images side by side she reminds us just how long she has been at the helm of not only an incredibly popular TV show, but has stayed an unwavering figure of equality and activism. 

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