Who would your fantasy celebrity dad be?

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We like to play a game here at Stylist. It’s called (for lack of a snappier title) “If you had to replace any member of your family with a celebrity, who would it be?” It passes the time on a slow afternoon, and reveals all sorts of interesting characteristics about our co-workers. So we thought we’d play the fantasy family game with you. If you could choose any celebrity to be your Dad – who would it be? The Stylist team would choose these rather sterling specimens of fatherhood.

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  • Jon Sargeant

    "He has an inspiring career, sharp wit and just a generally cuddlesome character. My celebrity dad needs to be cuddly; it's law"

    - Susan Riley, Deputy Editor

  • Jon Snow

    "I'd go for Jon Snow because: He's got good morals. He's intelligent. He's funny. He'd be supportive. He wears great socks. He told the producers of Channel 4 that he wouldn't have a stylist, so they have to change the sets to match his ties and socks (allegedly)"

    - Mollie McGuigan, Deputy Editor for Emerald Street

  • Bill Cosby

    "For The Bill Cosby Dance, his sandwiches, his sweaters, his talks with all of the kids and his marriage - and he went to my high school!"

    - Jamie Klinger, Publishing Manager

  • Brian Eno

    "I would choose Brian Eno because he’s super smart and creative and eccentric, but still down to earth. I read his book and he casually mentioned dropping by to Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson’s house and basically just bitched about the fact they still had a metal sofa. He would ask you really odd things over breakfast and take your childish destined-for-the-fridge art very seriously. You could never shock him"

    - Anna Fielding, Editor of

  • Barack Obama

    "Obama because he’s cool without being (too) cringy, firm but fair attitude, and I think he’d be a good listener when you had a problem. Plus, Michelle would be my mum!"

    - Sharon Forrester, Stylist contributor

  • Bill Murray

    The team universally agreed your life would be like a Wes Anderson movie with Bill Murray as your Dad.

  • Sandy Cohen (aka Peter Gallagher)

    "Sandy from The OC – aka Peter Gallagher. He’s always eating beigels and giving out great advice. Plus he could get you out of jail if you needed him too, which is always nice"

    - Amy Grier, Features Writer

  • Tom Selleck

    "Tom Selleck because he was the best of the three 'dads' in Three Men and a Baby and Three Men and a Little Lady. Also, his moustache makes him trustworthy and reliable"

    - Christina Quaine, Stylist contributor

  • Rob Brydon

    "He'd make an excellent Uncle (see Uncle Bryn in Gavin and Stacey) but imagine Rob Brydon as your Dad - Steve Coogan would come over all the time, he'd make excellent jokes at your wedding, and this picture of him in a beanie hat alone is enough to convince me he's fantasy father material"

    - Lauren Smith, Online Editorial Assistant

  • Sir Paul Smith

    "It would be Sir Paul Smith for me - he's amazing, a total inspiration and amazing work ethic and so charming!"

    - Kitty McGee, Executive Fashion Editor

  • Terry Wogan

    "Do I need to explain why? He’s AMAZING"

    - Debbie McQuoid, Entertainment Editor

  • Richard Branson

    "So I could fly anywhere in the world in style"

    - Jeannine Escobar, Stylist contributor

  • Jeff Goldblum

    "I love Jeff because 1) Because he has a cool last name and 2) He was in Jurassic Park and The Fly"

    - Elinor Block, editorial assistant at

  • Dustin Hoffman

    According to actress Emma Thompson Dustin "is a wonderful father — his children are his life". He also plays a pleasingly eccentric but amiable Dad in Meet The Fockers. And he has kind eyes.

  • Billy Connolly

    We love Billy because he's very jovial, tall enough to intimidate nasty ex-boyfriends, and he's got slightly mad Dad facial hair.

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