Meet the 106-year-old taking YouTube by storm with her viral cooking videos

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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She may live in a remote village in India and refuse to use a mobile phone, but great-grandmother Mastanamma is absolutely killing it in the viral video stakes.

The 106-year-old, who stars in homemade cooking videos, has grown a loyal following of over 340,000 followers on her channel Country Foods while racking up over 54 million views in the last nine months alone.

Lovingly dubbed the ‘world’s oldest YouTube star’, Mastanamma delights fans with her simple videos in which she shares recipes for everything from “yummy chicken drumsticks” to “special mutton curry”.

Sitting in the open field that she calls her kitchen, she can be seen in each video preparing and cooking the food before serving her creations on a fresh banana leaf, where they are happily devoured by her fellow villagers.

In an interview with the BBC, Mastanamma revealed the simplicity of her recipes by saying that she cooks mainly with “vegetables, lentils, fish, prawns and eggs”.

She does, however, also make a famous watermelon chicken dish (below), the recipe for which has been viewed almost eight million times since being uploaded in March.

The great-grandmother also advocates the simple approach with her cooking methods, using only firewood and other natural fuels to heat food and measuring out ingredients with her eyes.

She even uses her nails to peel vegetables.

Alongside presenting her cookery videos, which are filmed and uploaded by her great-grandson and his friend, Mastanamma also likes to offer viewers the occasional wise word of wisdom.

“If I start any work, success will come to me,” she says in one video, waving a giant metal spoon for emphasis.

And when asked for her advice by the BBC, she had a brilliantly straightforward answer.

“Cook a lot of curries,” she said, “and eat well.”

We’d be only too happy to oblige.

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