Zoe Saldana calls on female audiences to stop funding man-made movies

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Moya Crockett
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Think the gender pay gap in Hollywood is unfair? Do something about it.

That’s the message from Zoe Saldana, who has urged female cinemagoers to vote with their feet when it comes to funding male-dominated films.

The star of Star Trek Beyond and Avatar said in an interview with The EDIT that it was her experiences growing up in “a man’s world” in the Dominican Republic that inspired her to take on Hollywood sexism, and explained why she had decided to speak out on the subject.

“The high road is no longer silent,” said Saldana. “The high road is speaking up and saying, ‘You’re a dick!’ What you are doing is unfair.

“I’m not asking you to idolise me, I’m asking you to pay me equally, because you always come to me whenever you need me for a press tour!”

She added that female moviegoers also have a responsibility if they want things to change. “The audience have the power. They are the ones buying tickets to all these man-made movies. There are films being made by female directors, by female writers, with lead female roles, but women are not going to those movies.

“We’re going with our boyfriends to hold their fucking hands to go see a movie that we couldn’t care less about!”

Prominent women in Hollywood should think carefully about what films they sign up to, Saldana said. “As women in positions of power, we have to use it to help other women.

“I couldn't care less about male-driven stories and war movies,” she continued, “not because I'm not an intellectual individual, but because I want to know what's happening to a woman.”

And Saldana’s putting her money where her mouth is. It was announced this week that Cinestar Pictures, the production company run by the actress and with her two sisters, is producing a new documentary about the disappearance and murders of 4,000 indigenous women across Canada

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Moya Crockett

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