"At last - no more painful waxing”

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Looking to live a hair-free, care-free life, Stylist’s content solutions writer Anna Whitehouse ditches waxing in favour of Philips Lumea.

The pursuit of a hair-free existence isn’t always easy. Whether it’s booking waxing appointments around a hectic schedule, tweezing, epilating or shaving daily, serious effort goes into living a hairless life.

Keen to ditch the wax strips in favour of a more effective, painless method that doesn’t require leaving the house, Stylist’s content solutions writer Anna Whitehouse tried Philips Lumea – the latest IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) revolution.

“I barely have time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, let alone making time to go to waxing appointments,” says Anna, who balances her full-time career with family life and running her blog. “Shaving has always left me with an unsightly rash and I hate the whole process, so anything that promises smooth, safe results from the comfort of my own home had an immediate ‘yes’ from me.”

With three attachments – one for the delicate facial area, another for larger areas and the final one for coarser hair – and 10 years of extensive research, this is a truly groundbreaking product that results in a smooth, hair-free face and body without the pain.

“With summer on the horizon, I’ve started wearing more sleeveless tops, so ditching the underarm hair was first on my list,” continues Anna, who saw a significant reduction in hair within just two weeks. “There was no rash, no pain and it was really simple to use – I even did it while watching an episode of Suits,” she adds.

Unlike salon treatments that deliver a more intense treatment that can dry out skin, the Philips Lumea offers the perfect balance of light, speed and energy to deliver long-lasting, hairless results. After four or five sessions (done every two weeks because hair grows in stages), you’ll be left hair-free with only one monthly top-up session needed. Even after two uses, you’ll see the beauty-changing effects of this revolutionary system.

“At last, no more shaving rash and no more painful waxing,” says Anna. “Whether on holiday or at a picnic with friends, I’m ready for anything with Philips Lumea.”

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