“At last – no more shaving, waxing or epilating”

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Looking for a better way to living a hair-free life, the Stylist team tested the revolutionary Philips Lumea. Here’s how they got on.

When it comes to beauty, time is of the essence. Whether it’s showering or shaving, it’s always good to have more time in the morning. And, so when a new product lands that promises to make our lives all the more seamless, the Stylist team were keen to try it out. 

Cue the ground-breaking Philips Lumea, a cordless hair growth prevention system that uses IPL to effectively put the hair to sleep, while stunting regrowth. With three attachments – one for the delicate facial area, one for larger areas and one for coarser hair – this innovative product is the key to saving time in your routine, can be used at home and results in a hair-free face and body with just four to five uses over two months. Here’s how we got on:


“Shaving has always left me with an unsightly rash and I hate the whole process, so anything that was promising smooth, safe results from the comfort of my own home had an immediate ‘yes’ from me. I’ve been raving about this product to my friends and family. With Philips Lumea, there was no rash, no pain and it was really quick and easy to use – I even did it while watching an episode of Suits. At last – no more shaving rash and no more waxing appointments. I now have more time to manage the rest of my life.”

Overall review: "In eight weeks my armpit hair had completely gone and there was no unsightly stubble. Couldn’t be happier."


“Having had IPL treatment on my bikini and underarms, I couldn’t quite believe that a do-it-yourself system could deliver the same results. I see this as a long-term investment and I’m excited about not spending any more on hair removal – ever. Being able to whip my legs out any day of the week is life changing. It’s definitely one to tick off the beauty bucket list." 

Overall review: "Working in fashion, I’m always trying on new things, so in the eight weeks, it’s been good to have the freedom to bare my smooth arms."


“I lead a pretty fast paced life so finding the time and money for hair removal can prove difficult. I love a good beach holiday, which means I spend a lot of my summer in a bikini – and there is nothing I fear more than the dreaded shaving rash which I have always suffered with. A friend of mine has been using it at the same time as me and we
both couldn’t believe how easy and hygienic it was to use. The thought of not having that morning panic of ‘do I have time to shave?’ is a dream come true.”

Overall review: “Some hair has grown back in the eight weeks but it’s finer, so with just a few more sessions, I know it will all be gone.”


“After just a couple of times using Phillips Lumea I noticed the hair growth slowing and I was so pleased. Now eight weeks down the line, I don’t even have to think about hair removal. My legs are smooth and they’ll stay that way! There’s been many occasions where I’ve arrived at a class and realised I haven’t shaved my legs – it’s such a relief to finally find something that works and lasts.”

Overall review: “With the recent hot weather, it’s been so good to know I can get my legs out without having to think about shaving.”


Philips Lumea has revolutionised going hair-free.

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