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Keen to be hair-free and carefree on holiday, Stylist’s project manager Emily Hornby tests the groundbreaking Philips Lumea.

Whether we’re on staycation or vacation, we like to be ready for anything: from hitting the beach to baring legs at a picnic in the park. And that’s why Stylist’s project manager Emily Hornby was excited to road-test the revolutionary Philips Lumea.

With a girl’s holiday on the horizon, Emily was looking to be hair-free and carefree – cue this highly effective IPL system backed by more than 10 years of extensive research. Built with technology that literally puts hair to sleep to prevent re-growth, Philips Lumea lets you safely banish unwanted hair from the comfort of your own home. Saving
time (no more lengthy visits to the beauty salon) and money, this is your summer beauty saviour.

“I lead a pretty sociable, fast paced life so finding the time and money for hair removal sometimes proves difficult,” says Emily. “I love a good beach holiday and foreign festival which means I spend a lot of my summer in a bikini – and there is nothing I fear more than the dreaded shaving rash which I have unfortunately always suffered with.”

With three attachments – one for the delicate facial area, another for larger areas and the final one for coarser hair – this is a truly innovative product that results in a smooth, hair-free face and body with just four to five uses over a two-month period.

“I was surprised by how safe and effective it was to use,” Emily adds. “It was so much better than shaving every day or going to time consuming waxing appointments every few weeks – and I’ve not been left with any red marks or patches on my skin.”

After just six weeks of use Emily noticed a big difference in her hair regrowth: “My hair is taking considerably longer to grow back and it’s generally finer,” she says. With its sleek, smart design and highly effective technology, Philips Lumea is the new beauty go-to for smooth summer skin every day. “The thought of not having that panic in the morning of ‘do I have time to shave?’ and ‘what can/can’t I wear today?’ is a dream come true.”

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