“I’m excited about not spending any more on hair removal – ever”

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Staying hair-free isn’t easy. Keen to live a hairless existence, Stylist contributor Kavita Sodha tests the ground-breaking Philips Lumea.

Whatever your style, it’s always good to be ready for anything: whether it’s slipping into a playsuit for a hot summer’s day or ditching the blazer for a fashion event. And that’s why stylist and blogger Kavita Sodha was keen to test the revolutionary Philips Lumea.

Armed with technology that puts hair to sleep while preventing regrowth, this highly effective IPL (intense pulsed light) system – with 10 years of extensive research behind it – lets you safely banish unwanted hair from the comfort of your own home. Saving time (no more lengthy visits to the beauty salon) and money, this is truly the future of going hair-free.

“Having had IPL treatment on my bikini area and underarms, I couldn’t quite believe that a do-it-yourself system would deliver the same results,” says Kavita, who saw a significant reduction in hair regrowth after just one month of treatment. “I see this as a long-term investment and I’m excited about not spending any more on hair removal – ever.”

With three attachments – one for the delicate facial area, another for larger areas and the final one for coarser hair – this is a truly innovative product that results in a smooth, hair-free face and body with just four to five uses over a two-month period.

“Since starting a fashion blog and being in front of the camera, I have become more conscious of smaller things,” continues Kavita. “So in preparation before using the Lumea on my upper lip, I decided to have it threaded in order to have completely smooth skin so the IPL could reach the follicles. Already there is hardly any noticeable regrowth.”

Philips Lumea not only boasts a sleek design, it’s also painless to use and will never leave you with an unsightly shaving rash or red patches associated with waxing and electrolysis. Other than a slight warming of the skin, this is a case of no pain, all gain.

“Being able to whip my legs out any day of the week is life-changing,” adds Kavita. “It’s definitely one to tick off the beauty bucket list.”

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