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Ditch the lengthy appointments and bid adieu to painful wax strips: there’s a beauty revolution afoot

 Banishing unsightly follicles is so entrenched in our beauty routine that it’s akin to brushing your hair in terms of necessity.

And, so if there’s a product that can make that hairless quest all the more seamless, we’re first in-line. Cue the ground-breaking Philips Lumea, a cordless system that uses IPL to effectively put the hair to sleep, while stunting regrowth. It’s the modern-day key to a hairless existence and can be used in the comfort of your own home – while watching your favourite series or simply relaxing on the sofa.

With three attachments – one for the delicate facial area, another for larger areas and the final one for coarser hair – and with ten years of extensive research behind it, this is the future of living hair free, every day.

Unlike salon treatments that deliver a more intense treatment that can dry-out skin, the Philips Lumea offers the perfect balance of light, speed and energy to deliver long-lasting, hairless results. After four or five sessions (done every two weeks), you’ll be left hair-free and care-free with only a monthly top-up session needed. Even after two uses, you’ll see the beauty-changing effects of this revolutionary gadget.

If you’re wondering about the science bit, it’s simple (ish):  pulses of light penetrate the hair follicles, which turns to heat and puts the hair to sleep, while preventing new hair forming. A few days later, the hair falls out and as long as you keep using the Philips Lumea, regrowth is stunted forever. It’s essentially a far more effective way of banishing the stubble for good.

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