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Over the next few weeks, Stylist will be road-testing the long-lasting effectiveness of the Philips Lumea

Keen to road-test this smart beauty system, the Stylist team will be trialling Philips Lumea over the next few weeks, charting their hair-free progress. From bikini lines and legs to upper lips and under arms, Philips Lumea will be truly put through its paces.

“I’m heading off to Italy in a few months,” says Stylist’s content solutions writer Anna Whitehouse. “And the thought of not having to bother waxing or shaving on holiday is genuinely exciting – I’m looking forward to seeing if this ground-breaking product lives up to the hype.”

Meanwhile, contributor Kavita Sodha is keen to get hair-free legs ahead of the summer festivals – “I’ve heard it’s incredibly safe technology, so I’m interested to see how it feels and how effective it is long-term,” she says.

For Stylist’s researcher Carly Fain, it’s about ditching the painful wax strips in favour of a more pain-free approach, while project manager Emily Hornby is keen to enjoy a hairless existence without heading to the beauty salon every two weeks. “Just to be able to get hairless, beautiful skin at home – that’s a beauty game-changer,” she says.

Follow the team over the next few weeks as they test Philips Lumea

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