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Your definitive 10-step guide to holiday packing

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A long weekend in Barcelona awaits but you’ve packed enough to see you through 12 months in the Hamptons. With sangria season fast approaching and with the sun inspiring us to book a break away from it all, there’s no better time to become an expert packer so you can rock up at your destination safe in the knowledge that your case isn’t full-to-busting with 20 pairs of heels you’re never going to wear and no spare knickers. 

1.Lay out all the clothes you want to take on your bed and then put half back in your wardrobe. You’ll only end up wearing one pair of shorts, one nice top, one T-shirt, one pair of jeans and one skirt. You know this. We know this. So put the rest away.

2.Limit yourself to a maximum of four pairs of shoes and wear the heaviest on the plane so you don’t waste your valuable suitcase weight allowance. Yes, four pairs: trainers, sandals OR flip-flops, ballet flats and heels.

3.Pack all your shoes in the bottom of the case in plastic bags so they don’t mark or crease your clothes. Then fill in the little gaps around them (and inside them) with your underwear, jewellery or cosmetics (also in bags).

4.Don’t put wrapped presents in your suitcase as security may unwrap them to check you’re not a smuggler.

5.Invest in a Kindle. Yeah, okay you may be a book purist but having ten books to read on one slim little Kindle versus lugging around 10kg worth of paper is an actual miracle. 

6.Snake your belts around the edges of your clothes rather than roll them up. Takes up much less room.

7.Stick socks in your bras and the shoulders of a blazer to pad them out so they don’t lose their shape.

8.Avoid packing linen, cotton or silk if you hate wrinkles. Instead go for knit, wool, cashmere and polyester, which are more wrinkle-resistant.

9.Fold your trousers in half and then lay them out length-wise across the case. Place any folded items (shirts or smart dresses) in the middle and then fold over the ends of the trousers, ‘sealing’ or ‘wrapping’ the folded items in. This will stop them moving about.

10.Epilate before you go so you don’t have to take a razor and shaving cream. The Cordless EP7030 Smooth and Silky 5-in-1 Epilator from Remington removes hair from the root simply and quickly, leaving you hair-free for weeks. 

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