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My Travel Bag essentials – Anna Brech

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A sarong is an indispensable part of any travel bag. Strictly speaking, mine isn’t a sarong but a Zambian chitenge. I love the bold print (it’s guaranteed to lift my mood!) and I use it everywhere I go. I fold it as a makeshift pillow on the plane, wrap it around my bikini on the beach and use it as a scarf when an evening chill sets in. The second most important part of my travel kit are my mint green Bose headphones. They’re so big, they bring instant comfort by cocooning my ears and providing a soundtrack to my journey by, wherever I am.

I’ve always been jealous of people with snazzy passport-holders, so now I have one of my own, in hot pink, which I covet. My bottle of Clarins cleansing milk with alpine herbs is the perfect-me-up; it smells delicious and helps to ward off stale plane fumes. I don’t go anywhere without a book and The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Lee is one of my favourites for travelling with, providing that killer combo of escapism and a gripping storyline.  My sunglasses and Char UGG sandals work to instantly transform my look, as I move from grey London to the sun-dappled streets of Madrid, or Lisbon.  Because they’re tan-coloured, my sandals blend effortlessly with multitude of holiday looks, whether that’s a glam evening dress or a beach kaftan.

And they’re portable enough to come with me everywhere. My pet hate is taking too much stuff on a trip, or waiting around for baggage pick-up. Luckily, my coral carry-on bag is roomy enough to house everything, happily gets knocked around while still looking good and fits neatly within all baggage limits, so I can skip the exit queues forever more.

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