This viral Instagram illustrator is turning our weird and wonderful dates into brilliant comics

This viral Instagram illustrator is turning our weird and wonderful dates into brilliant comics

We’ve all been told a hilarious bad date story. Now illustrator Tess Smith-Roberts is bringing them to life in brilliant Instagram comics.

We all know that modern dating isn’t always smooth sailing. Dates can be good, bad, or just plain weird, but the strangest ones always make the funniest stories, best told to our girlfriends over a large glass of wine.

And now a viral Instagram account is turning people’s weird and wonderful dates into hilarious, beautifully illustrated comics.

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Tess Smith-Roberts, a London-based illustrator, is the master behind them, lending her bold and colourful signature cartoon style to our dating mishaps.

From dates with professional triangle players to being served orange juice for dinner, Smith-Roberts artfully sums up the wackiness of modern dating with her clever comics, which are based on real experiences sent in by her 164,000 followers. 

And people on the internet are big fans. “These stories need to be an HBO series,” one Instagram user commented below her latest offering. “These give me life,” complimented another.

Some of the stories are endearing, like a guy who recited the entirety of the movie Forrest Gump line by line, but had to stop when he reached the part with Bubba’s death because he was crying. 

Others are, shall we say, interesting, like a date who genuinely believed they could travel through time or one who jumped out of not one but two (!) moving cars. 

The tales make for very entertaining reading, and Smith-Roberts has previously said that she’d love to turn the submissions into a book one day, which makes us even more excited.

Because almost everyone has a strange date story. Fine, you may not have experienced someone eating beetroot out of a bag while on a date with you, but we guarantee that reading about someone who has will make you smile. 

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Images: Tess Smith-Roberts/Instagram