Lockdown dating: watching TV together could be the secret to a successful first date

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Virtual first dates can be even more nervewracking than in-person ones, but this socially distanced activity seems to be proving successful for singletons in lockdown.

When lockdown first started, singletons rose to the challenge in their droves. Reports came flooding in from the most popular dating apps in the country that users were having longer, more meaningful conversations and that these prolonged periods of being stuck at home had only made people keener to connect

Skip forward to eight months later, though, and it’s understandable that daters have run out of steam. After all, a video call first date is pretty intense, isn’t it? Staring at a screen, cringing at the glitches, with no atmosphere or busy surroundings to take the pressure off can all become quite exhausting. 

So, those committed to the dating game in lockdown have been looking for more options, and there’s one that seems to be proving successful.

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‘TV show-mancing’ is a new term that’s been coined by Tinder, who says that its users are spending virtual dates watching films or TV series together while on a video call. 

The dating app reports that one in five 18-25 year olds have virtually watched TV together for a first date during lockdown and that this method was more likely to result in a second date than going on a virtual dinner and drinks date.  

Tinder member data continued to identify that not only is this a fun, easy-going way to talk to someone but that it taps into a shared interest, as ‘Netflix’ consistently trends as one of the popular ‘Passions’ in the UK, (which is a way for members to show their interests on their Tinder profile).

And, when you think about it, this form of virtual date makes a lot of sense. Deciding which TV show to watch together means that you’ll immediately have something to talk about and as this subject is so broad, it’s one that will probably spark lots of other conversations starters around both of your favourite films and series.

Would you try watching a film or TV series on a video call for a first date?

As you’re both engaging in a form of entertainment, there’ll also be lots to talk about throughout the date as you share your thoughts on what you’re watching. 

And afterwards, if you’re interested in speaking to your date again there’s an easy way to find out if they’d like schedule another date – simply ask if they fancy watching the next episode.

 We have to say, there are some pretty nightmarish dating trends out there (from dogfishing to ghosting, we’ve heard them all) and this sounds like one of the least offensive around. So, would you try it? 

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