53 unusual baby names inspired by Disney - and their meanings

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The most popular baby names of the year were recently made public, with Emma and Liam sitting at the top of the list.

However, if you're hoping to find something a little less mainstream, we recommend looking to these badass Disney characters for some baby name inspiration.

As well as the well-known ones, such as Toy Story’s Jessie, Beauty and the Beast’s Belle and Moana herself, our plethora of vintage nicknames and modern monikers includes many you may not have remembered, and many that can be adapted to suit babies of any gender.

So scroll through our gallery below for 53 Disney-inspired names.

  • Arthur

    As seen in: The Sword in the Stone
    Meaning: “bear king”

    This 12-year-old orphan is constantly bullied and belittled by his adoptive family, but Merlin (aka Camelot’s resident wizard) sees that there’s more to little Arthur than anybody realises. 

    And he’s proven right, obviously: Arthur is the rightful king, born of England – and he proves it by pulling a magical sword out of a solid anvil, too.

  • Alice

    As seen in: Alice in Wonderland
    Meaning: “nobility”

    Alice is the curious schoolgirl who makes it her business to know what a rabbit, in a waistcoat and pocket watch, could possibly be late for. Cue her tumbling into Wonderland and head first into a fantastical adventure.

  • Anna

    As seen in: Frozen
    Meaning: “free man/woman”

    When Anna’s sister accidentally curses their kingdom and triggers an eternal winter, it’s Anna who braves the storm and goes after her. And it’s Anna who makes the film’s greatest sacrifice, in a bid to save the person she loves most: Elsa.

  • Ariel

    As seen in: The Little Mermaid
    Meaning: “lion of god”

    Ariel is tired of doing everything her father tells her to do – and she’s sick of being trapped in their watery kingdom. So what’s a mermaid to do but strike a deal with a sea witch, bag herself a pair of legs, and head shoreside, eh?

  • Belle

    As seen in: Beauty and the Beast
    Meaning: “beautiful”

    Belle is a bookworm who craves adventure in the great wide somewhere – and, when she gets it, she proves herself to be the heroine we all knew she would be.

  • Bruno

    As seen in: Cinderella
    Meaning: “armour/protection”

    Cinderella is victimised by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters in this animated classic, but she finds solace in her animal friends. Bruno, her loving dogdy pal, is always there to protect and defend her – and, indeed, it is he who saves the mice from the evil Lucifer towards the end of the flick.

  • Buzz

    As seen in: Toy Story franchise
    Meaning: “village in the woods”

    Buzz Lightyear is known for his bravery, courage, and impulsiveness – not to mention his extraordinary strength of belief.

  • Carl

    As seen in: Up
    Meaning: “man”

    When property moguls plot to bulldoze his house and put him in a home, Carl gets creative with a lot of balloons and sails off into the horizon, ready for an exciting new chapter in his life.

  • Chip

    As seen in: Beauty and the Beast
    Meaning: “man”

    Little Chip is bright as a button, bold, and brave – it is he who leaves the safety of the castle to rescue Belle and Maurice from the townsfolk (and he does it in serious style, too).

  • Cody

    As seen in: The Rescuers Down Under

    Meaning: “descendant of Cuidightheach”(originally an Irish byname for a helpful person)

    Cody is an extremely brave boy, even more so when one considers his age: in this classic Disney film, he fearlessly scales cliffs with nothing more than his hands and feet – and puts his life on the line to protect his friends from harm.

  • Dash

    As seen in: The Incredibles

    Meaning: “he who lives by the ash tree”

    Dash is just like any young boy: he’s excitable, competitive, energetic, and a bit of a prankster – but he’s also imbued with super-powers. Which makes keeping up with him pretty difficult indeed...

  • Dory

    As seen in: Finding Nemo, Finding Dory
    Meaning: “gift of god”

    Dory’s short term memory loss makes her more than a little ditzy on occasion – but she’s every bit as famed across the seven seas for her optimism, cheer, and heart of gold.

  • Dot

    As seen in: A Bug’s Life
    Meaning: “gift of god”

    Dot may be small, but she is mighty. Innovative, eloquent, and courageous, this little ant overcomes her fears come the end of the film – and inspires all those around her to do better.

  • Elinor

    As seen in: Brave
    Meaning: “bright and shining one”

    A vision of elegance, wisdom and strength of character, Queen Elinor is fiercely dedicated to the wellbeing of her family and kingdom – and bravely fights the fearsome Mor’du in order to protect her daughter.

  • Elsa

    As seen in: Frozen
    Meaning: “oath of god”

    Imbued with magical ice powers and fully prepared to “let it go”, Elsa is one of the most badass Disney princesses to date.

  • Eric

    As seen in: The Little Mermaid
    Meaning: “ruler”

    Eric isn’t just your typical knight in shining armour: in fact, he’s more than happy to wear his heart on his sleeve, confessing to the world that he’s a dreamy and hopeless romantic. So, when a mysterious woman saves his life, he makes it his primary goal to track her down and thank her, Disney-style.

  • Esmerelda / Esme

    As seen in: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Meaning: “emerald”

    Esmerelda is fierce, bold, and incredibly kind to the outcasts of Paris. She knows how to handle a sword (and herself). Go Esme.

  • Flik

    As seen in: A Bug’s Life
    Meaning: “gift of god”

    Flik is a nerdy, inventive, and courageous ant who wants to make a difference to his colony's way of life – and make his mark upon the world.

  • Flynn

    As seen in: Rapunzel
    Meaning: “who is like god”

    Flynn may start out as your typical arrogant and smooth-talking asshole, but he soon reveals himself to be  a loving, loyal, and protective companion.

  • Giselle

    As seen in: Enchanted
    Meaning: “pledge”

    Sweet-natured Giselle becomes the hero of her own story when an evil queen banishes her into a world of “no happy endings” – aka New York City.

  • Gus

    As seen in: Cinderella
    Meaning: “majestic”

    Despite his small size, Gus is extremely brave (to the point of reckless, perhaps) as a running gag shows him putting up his fists if Cinderella is ever threatened.

  • Helen

    As seen in: The Incredibles
    Meaning: “shining light”

    Helen – aka Elastigirl – is a resourceful, determined and dexterous superhero, who isn’t afraid to make her opinions known.

  • Jasmine

    As seen in: Aladdin
    Meaning: “gift from god”

    This fiery and independent woman helps to save the day from the evil Jafar, boasts a mother-f**king tiger as her animal sidekick, and she doesn’t even feel the need to get married at the end of the film, striking a blow on behalf of womankind everywhere.

  • Jack

    As seen in: The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Meaning: “man”

    Jack may be the fearsome Pumpkin King, but he’s also a sweet-natured and naive soul who just wants to share the wonders of Christmas with the world.

  • Jaq

    As seen in: Cinderella
    Meaning: “god is gracious”

    Jaq is the leader of the (mouse) gang – and he’s a good un at that, thanks to his kindness, patience, and resourcefulness. He’s also the first to actually confront Lucifer the cat, and the only one brave enough to take him on alone. 

  • Jessie

    As seen in: Toy Story 2 & 3
    Meaning: “wealth”

    The roughest, toughest cowgirl in the Wild West, Jessie is friendly, excitable, and willing to do anything for the people she loves.

  • Jim

    As seen in: Treasure Planet
    Meaning: “supplanter”

    Jim is a rebel (note the leather jacket, please), but he’s a rebel with a cause – and, throughout the course of the movie, his ‘bad boy’ image slips away to reveal an adventurous, kind, confident, and happy young man.

  • Judy

    As seen in: Zootopia
    Meaning: “praised”

    Judy is fiercely optimistic and independent – and keen to make history as the first ever bunny on the Zootopia Police Force. But, while she’s ambitious, she’s also deeply caring, using her undeniable skills to defend the “little people in life” from the bullies of the world.

  • Kristoff

    As seen in: Frozen
    Meaning: “carrier of Christ”

    This ice harvester starts off as a miserly loner, but he soon proves to be loving, respectful, and completely selfless.

  • Lottie

    As seen in: The Princess and the Frog
    Meaning: “free woman”

    Lottie may seem, at first glance, to be a ditzy and impulsive diva, she’s incredibly intelligent, confident, and determined to get what she wants from life. She’s also a big fan of the sisterhood – all you have to do is look at her relationship with Tiana to see that she puts her friends above all else.

  • Lucius

    As seen in: The Incredibles
    Meaning: “light”

    As cool as his ice powers, Lucius is a fast-talking and funny hero – and a truly wonderful friend in times of need.

  • Marie

    As seen in: The Aristocats
    Meaning: “bitter”

    She may profess to be as elegant as her mother, but Marie is every bit as curious as her brothers, which means she never shies away from new experiences (or, y’know, a rough ‘n’ tumble with the other kittens).

  • Marlin

    As seen in: Finding Nemo, Finding Dory
    Meaning: “falcon”

    Marlin starts off as an anxious and worrisome fish – but he soon proves his bravery when he heads off on an epic rescue journey that spans the oceans far and wide.

  • Meg

    As seen in: Hercules
    Meaning: “pearl”

    Meg isn’t a damsel in distress – at all. Instead, she’s sarcastic, and fierce, and wise, and she ain’t about to be knocked off kilter by a killer pair of pecs.

  • Merida

    As seen in: Brave
    Meaning: “guardian of the sea”

    Merida is the flame-haired hero who utterly defied stereotypes, and taught us that our fate lives within us – we just have to be brave enough to see it.

  • Mike

    As seen in: Monsters Inc
    Meaning: “who is like god”

    Mike Wazowski is a proud and confident monster, who works incredibly hard to succeed in his chosen career path. He’s also confident, romantic, and ridiculously funny, too. Can you tell we’re big fans of Mike Wazowski?

  • Moana

    As seen in: Moana
    Meaning: “sea”

    This Maori name, often heard in New Zealand, was bestowed upon Disney’s first ever Polynesian princess. And what a princess she is, navigating the open ocean, defeating a fuming lava god, rescuing a legendary warrior from the clutches of a monstrous murderous crab, and uncovering a hidden power within herself in the process. 

  • Oliver

    As seen in: Oliver and Company
    Meaning: “of the olive tree”

    This little kitten is incredibly caring and loyal – and willing to do anything to protect those he loves from harm.

  • Peter

    As seen in: Peter Pan
    Meaning: “of the rock”

    Peter Pan is incredibly adventurous and daring, battling pirates, flying from Neverland to London, and using his imagination to create a wonderfully fantastical world for the Lost Boys to play in.

  • Ralph

    As seen in: Wreck-It Ralph
    Meaning: “wolf-counsel”

    Despite his hulking nature and villainous programming, Ralph is ultimately a sweet, well-meaning character – and he puts his heart on the line when it comes to saving the life of his first real friend.

  • Ray

    As seen in: The Princess and the Frog
    Meaning: “wise-protector”

    He may be the smallest creature in this movie, but Ray has the biggest heart of all.

  • Riley

    As seen in: Inside Out
    Meaning: “valiant”

    Riley is upbeat, honest and goofy when she is content – but, as she grows older, she begins to feel uncertain of herself, and so becomes emotionally vulnerable. This film is all about her coming to terms with her own feelings – and getting to know herself inside out.

  • Robin

    As seen in: Robin Hood
    Meaning: “bright and shining”

    This noble fox is a true hero at heart – and more than intelligent enough to outwit the villainous Prince John.

  • Sally

    As seen in: The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Meaning: “princess”

    Sally is kind, sensible, honest, and incredibly clever – not to mention wickedly good with a needle and thread. Guess that’s what comes from being a rag doll with a desperate need to escape, at the cost of a loose thread (or an arm or a leg).

  • Sebastian

    As seen in: The Little Mermaid
    Meaning: “revered”

    Simultaneously carefree and serious, the musical Sebastian knows mostly all secrets of the sea – maybe even more so than King Triton.

  • Sulley

    As seen in: Monsters Inc
    Meaning: “south of the meadow”

    He might be a big-shot on the Scare Floor, but when Sulley stumbles across little Boo, the little human girl who is deemed “toxic” to monsters, he soon realises there’s more important things in life than power and prestige. Yup, you guessed it: this principled and esteemed blue furry monster overcomes his prejudices and forges a powerful bond with the tiny tot, making it his priority to get her safely back home.

  • Tiana

    As seen in: The Princess and the Frog
    Meaning: “princess”

    The first ever African-American Disney princess, Tiana is an intelligent, resourceful, hard-working, and highly talented young woman – with big dreams of opening up her very own restaurant.

  • Tod

    As seen in: The Fox and the Hound
    Meaning: “fox”

    Tod may be as cunning as a… well, as a fox, but he’s also sweet, loving, and an incredibly loyal friend, too.

  • Ursula

    As seen in: The Little Mermaid
    Meaning: “little bear”

    Sure, she’s the villain – but we have such a soft spot for the sensual, power-hungry and hilarious Ursula.

  • Violet

    As seen in: The Incredibles
    Meaning: “purple”

    Violet starts off as the archetypal shrinking violet, but she later comes into her own, proving herself to be kind, brave, experimental, and incredibly funny.

  • Willow

    As seen in: Pocahontas
    Meaning: “graceful”

    Endlessly wise, spiritual and funny, Grandmother Willow is Pocahontas’ trusted advisor (and, yeah, a sentient weeping willow tree. What of it?).

  • Woody

    As seen in: Woody
    Meaning: “from the cottage in the wood”

    Woody is everybody’s best friend: this rootin’-tootin’ cowboy is a dreamer with a big-heart and a lot of time for all the other toys in Andy’s bedroom – not to mention Andy himself.

  • Yzma

    As seen in: The Emperor’s New Groove
    Meaning: “greatness”

    Comically eccentric and endlessly enthusiastic, the imaginative Yzma may be a villain – but it’s worth remembering that she practically raised Kuzco only for him to turn around and fire her for being “too old” / “scary beyond reason”. We’d probably have turned him into a llama as well, in her shoes.


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