Stylist Magazine: the marriage special

The marriage special: Stylist explores what the institution means to women today

To marry, or not to marry? That is the question. We speak to six women with very different stories in this week’s issue.

Long gone are the days where marriage was the pinnacle of coupledom, with many now shunning tradition in favour of purchasing their first property, travelling the world or parenthood. In the latest issue of Stylist, we hear from six women who share their honest opinions on relationships, commitment and the importance (or irrelevance) of marriage in 2021. Access the issue from just 40p.

This week, Stylist also meets actor and writer Daisy Haggard, the creator and star of black comedy Back To Life. Plus, we share a love letter to the sweatshirt as we prepare to cosy up for autumn. 

But that’s not all, get your copy of Stylist to read:

● The hair equality update: what’s next for the natural hair movement?

Stylist’s Meena Alexander on why Sarah Harding’s death was a painful moment of clarity

● 30 pick-me-ups in this week’s Style List

And, as always, much more.

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