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Stylist Live 2017: the Friday line-up

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Wondering what there is to see and do at this year’s Stylist Live? Look no further. Below, you’ll find the entire programme for Friday 10 November, with details on speakers, stages and times.

All sessions on open stages (excluding THRIVE) are accessible to all ticket holders and seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We’ve made every stage bigger and better for 2017, so there’s plenty of seating for you to take advantage of.

To purchase Stylist Live tickets, click here – or check out the programmes for Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November.

Make a note of all your must-watches, and we’ll see you there!

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The Early Hour editor Annie Ridout, wellness and nutrition expert Jasmine Hemsley and Propercorn entrepreneur Cassandra Stavrou

Friday 10 November

Charisma Class: How to captivate your colleagues with confidence

In this interactive workshop, RADA trained actress Jessica Regan will teach you how to take up space without apologising. Harness the power of positive language to sell yourself with confidence. This talk is for you if you're: Ambitious, full of tenacity and want to own the boardroom - and any other room for that matter.

11-11.40am, Thrive Stage

Fish fingers and me: The story of #solidaritea and standing up to misogyny

When the Daily Mail made their opinions on the ‘Slummy Mummy’ crew and their fondness for fish fingers VERY clear, no one predicted the social media backlash it would provoke. One Bird’s Eye campaign later, the Scummy Mummies host Hurrah For Gin’s Katie Kirby, Steph Douglas of Sisterhood (And All That) and Mother Of All Lists’ Clemmie Telford as they tell the story in their own words while discussing the trials and tribulations of 21st century motherhood.

11-11.30am, Lead Stage

Morning Routines of Successful Women

From affirmations to yoga, emails before eggs and 7am blow-dries, discover the morning secrets of some of the UK's most inspirational women, The Early Hour editor Annie Ridout, wellness and nutrition expert Jasmine Hemsley and Propercorn entrepreneur Cassandra Stavrou. Leave your eye bags at the door.

11.30-12pm, Spark Stage

Meet the Women Shaping the Wellness Industry

Whether it’s our minds, bodies or the foods we’re fueling them with, hear from the women at the forefront of the wellness industry. In this session listen to Annie Clarke, founder of Mind Body Bowl, holistic nutritionist Pandora Symes and yoga teacher Claire Missingham as they give you real insight into how to really support your wellness in 2018.

11.30-12pm, Grow Stage

Scummy Mummies
The Scummy Mummies

How to Break Into a Business You Know Nothing About

Confidence is key when changing career. Discover the secrets of success from those who took the plunge and are now at the top of their games: children's theatre producer turned nut butter entrepreneur Pippa Murray, Don't Buy Her Flowers founder Steph Douglas and auctioneer turned funeral director Poppy Mardall.

12.30-1pm, Grow Stage

Quickfire Coding

From business to blogging, join us for the lowdown on the latest tech tricks and simple ways to stand out from the (IT) crowd, with 23 Code Street's Anisah Osman Britton. This is the session for you if you're: Creative, ambitious and want to get the most out of your next big project.

12.30-1.10pm, Thrive Stage

Men On: Worklife Balance and the Pay Gap

This year, we're posing questions to men that are usually reserved for women. So, do men even think about achieving work/life balance? Do they stress about hurting a colleague's feelings or coming across as too forceful? And how would they feel if they were paid 18% less than their female peers? Let's find out!

12.30-1pm, Spark Stage

Why We Should All Move Like Children: Re-programme your posture with Roger Frampton

Unlearn your bad posture habits, with fitness expert and personal trainer Roger Frampton, as he debunks the myth that age diminishes our range of movement. In this session learn new ways to move, tips to improve your posture and why children have had it right all along. This session is the one for you if your days are spent at a desk and you’re dying to ditch the slouch!

1.40-2.10pm, Grow Stage

How to Negotiate a Payrise (and extra holiday too) with The Step Up Club

From legal rights to your next move if you're told there's no more money in the pot, discover how to negotiate with confidence and get the most out of your career, with Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine, founders of The Step Up Club. This talk is for you if you're: Looking to get ahead in your career, ambitious, and you know you're worth more!

1.45-2.25pm, Thrive Stage

Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine, founders of The Step Up Club
Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine, founders of The Step Up Club

Reclaim the Week! Make Flexitime your new 9 to 5

Choosing the hours you start and finish work may sound like the dream when the alternative is crushing your career and happiness. Blogger and podcaster Emma Gannon and Mother Pukka founder Anna Whitehouse discuss how you, like them, can turn this dream into a reality and be part of the working revolution that means you can work to live, not live to work.

2.30-3pm, Spark Stage

Beauty & Cultural Appropriation: How the lines blurred

Make-up is a powerful tool of self-expression, but when it comes to using different cultures as inspiration, what's acceptable, and what crosses a line? In this session join journalist and founder of Jewel Tone Beauty Ateh Jewel, journalist Coco Khan and presenter June Sarpong.

2.40-3.10pm, Grow Stage

Pitch Perfect: Learn the lingo, win the gig with Badass Women's Hour

Do you sit? Do you stand? How many slides? Should you joke? Can you swear?? From winning new clients to selling yourself, learn how the baddest businesswomen win their pitches - every time. Plus take the opportunity to put your own 90 second business pitch to Harriet, Natalie and Emma from Badass Women's Hour. This talk is for you if you're bursting with ideas, and want to know how to hone your own unique pitching style.

3-3.40pm, Thrive Stage

How To Really Let Go Of Prejudice

In this age of snapshot (and Snapchat) first impressions, we're all guilty of making quick, uninformed judgements. Here, learn how to really let go of prejudice and discover the mental benefits of being judgment free with broadcaster Cherry Healey, #WomenWarrior campaigner and blogger Natalie Lee and journalist Reni Eddo Lodge.

3.20-3.50pm, Lead Stage

Building Beauty Empires with Tracey Woodward

After a challenging start in life Tracey Woodward has launched global beauty brand Aveda in the UK, revolutionised Marks and Spencer's beauty profits and is currently CEO of Aromatherapy Associates. An inspiration, Tracey’s ethics and determination make her a natural mentor to anyone wanting to get ahead in business whether it's beauty related or not. Don’t miss out on hearing the tips for success from this incredible businesswoman.

3.40-4.10pm, Grow Stage

Harriet, Natalie and Emma from Badass Women's Hour
Harriet, Natalie and Emma from Badass Women's Hour

How To Work Like The French (And not get fired!)

Our Gallic sisters are protected by labour laws that mean lunch hours really last 60 minutes and no evening emails. But how does that translate to the UK? This talk is for you if you're: Looking to work smarter not harder and want to reclaim your balance and joie de vivre!

4.30-5.10pm, Thrive Stage

Sport: Still Sexist as F**k

Why are the top names in women’s sport still being asked the same gender stereotypical questions by journalists they were being asked 30 years ago? Society may have come a long way since the infamous Battle of the Sexes, but the sports world is still far from the end of its battle with sexism. Be part of the debate with some of Britain’s best loved sportswomen who are demanding fair play on and off the field.

4.30-5pm, Spark Stage

How To Close Your Pay Gap

Friday 10 November is Equal Pay Day — the day that women (figuratively) stop being paid. Outraged? Our official charity partners The Fawcett Society are, and rightly so. To mark the occasion, The Fawcett Society’s Chief Executive Sam Smethers is joined by leading UK expert on the Gender Pay Gap and former head of policy at the Government Equalities Office, Helene Reardon-Bond and Deloitte’s Head of Talent, Emma Codd to learn what you can really do, in the office and beyond, to close your own pay gap and make the gender pay gap a thing of the past.

5.20-5.50pm, Lead Stage

Put Down Your Phone and Flirt: The lost art of human communication

Yes, you've nailed the art of a witty bio, you've crafted the perfect joke to snare your type, and you can apply Insta filters to profile pics in your sleep. But what happens when you practice your flirtations IRL? If you're sick of the 'right swipe', let cultural anthropologist, flirting expert and founder of Flirtology, Jean Smith show you how to flirt like a pro.

5.30-6pm, Spark Stage

'Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions' Russell Brand in conversation…

Outspoken, opinionated and refreshingly honest; Russell Brand is a force to be reckoned with. Having completed a programme in recovery and come out the other side, the award-winning comedian, actor and broadcaster joins us for a candid and insightful look at addiction, habits and how he turned his life around, discussing his book ‘Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions’.

6-6.40pm, Thrive Stage

Cherry Healey, #WomenWarrior campaigner and blogger Natalie Lee and journalist Reni Eddo Lodge
Cherry Healey, #WomenWarrior campaigner and blogger Natalie Lee

The Foods to Eat in 2018 For The Ultimate Mind & Body Balance

Hear from one of the UK's top sports and eating disorder specialist dietitians Renee McGregor as she talks us through what science says we should really be eating. Joined by restaurateur Wahaca co-founder Thomasina Miers, you'll discover the foods to not only upcycle your mood, but make a visible difference to your health too.

6-6.30pm, Grow Stage

How to Work For Yourself (and really make money)

In this session, let co-founder of Botanic Lab, Rebekah Hall, guide you through the perks and pitfalls of being your own boss. From ditching corporate life and embracing uncertainty to creating a brand that people will rave about and ultimately will bring in that dough. Get ready to be inspired to quit your day job and start building your empire.

6.20-6.50pm, Lead Stage

Behind the Podcast with My Dad Wrote a Porno

When Jamie Morton’s dad embarked on a retirement hobby as an amateur porn novelist, he thought his world had come crashing down. In fact, it led to the hilarious and hugely successful My Dad Wrote a Porno – a comedy podcast with Jamie and best friends Alice Levine and James Cooper reading out racy excerpts from his dad’s books. Make sure you hear the cheeky threesome reveal all the behind the scenes goings on of their quirky cultural phenomenon.

6.30-7pm, Spark Stage

Look At Me! Meet the influencers you can really trust

Sick of #spon? Meet the social media stars who stay true to themselves when it comes to endorsements: personal trainer and author Alice Liveing, body confidence Insta-star Megan Jayne Crabbe and YouTuber Hannah Witton. #Genuine

7.20-7.50pm, Lead Stage

Live Acoustic Gig with RAYE

Start your Friday night right and join singer/song writer RAYE for an exclusive intimate gig followed by a private Q&A. After featuring on chart hits such as You Don’t Know Me with Jax Jones, and By Your Side with Jonas Blue, RAYE has followed on from this success with her newest single The Line.

7.30-8.10pm, Thrive Stage

Game Changers: The five beauty products every woman needs in 2018

From ground-breaking newbies to cult classics, don't invest until you've heard this talk from the best in the beauty business, Cult Beauty founder Alexia Inge.

8-8.30pm, Grow Stage

To purchase Stylist Live tickets, click here – or check out the programmes for Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November.