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Stylist Live 2017: the Saturday line-up

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Wondering what there is to see and do at this year’s Stylist Live? Look no further. Below, you’ll find the entire programme for Saturday 11 November, with details on speakers, stages and times.

All sessions on open stages (excluding THRIVE) are accessible to all ticket holders and seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We’ve made every stage bigger and better for 2017, so there’s plenty of seating for you to take advantage of.

To purchase Stylist Live tickets, click here – or check out the programmes for Friday 10 and Sunday 12 November.

Make a note of all your must-watches, and we’ll see you there!

Your year of yes
Your year of yes

Saturday 11 November

Just Breathe: A masterclass in starting your day strong with Julie Montagu

Stop, sit, breathe and learn how to harness the true power of yogic breath with self-care expert, Julie Montagu, The Flexi Foodie. This session is for you if you're: Feeling burnt out, want to reclaim your energy and reset your day with positive vibes!

10-10.40am, Thrive Stage

Becoming a Brand: How & why it's crucial for success

Being a living, breathing brand has never been more crucial for career success online. Learn from specialist coach in personal brand, image and presentation skills, Russell Amerasekera. With clients including board directors, entrepreneurs and celebrities, he shares his expert advice on how to grow your audience and turn yourself into a woman who means business on every level. This talk is for you if you're: Smart, business savvy, with strong ideas that you want to see flourish online.

11.10-11.50am, Thrive Stage

The Stylist Book of Life Lessons: Exclusive readings

We at Stylist are incredibly fortunate to work with truly inspiring, talented and interesting voices every week. So,*BLOWING OUR OWN TRUMPET ALERT* We’re publishing a book! In March 2018 our brilliant collection of Life Lessons celebrating some of our favourite Stylist contributors will hit the shelves. However, we wanted to give Stylist Live attendees an exclusive first look with readings from award-winning journalist and author Poorna Bell, acclaimed columnist and author Laura Jane Williams and the brilliant comedian Francesca Martinez – and an abridged copy to take home.

11.30-12pm, Spark Stage

Your Year of Yes! Open yourself up to the possibilities of 2018

Leave your excuses at the door and learn to embrace all things new. This inspiring session with blogger and stylist, Freddie Harrell, designer Louise Gardiner and entrepreneur and founder of Rodial Maria Hatzistefanis will leave you with the tools to make the most of your year ahead.

11.30-12pm, Grow Stage

Robert Webb and Jess Phillips
Robert Webb and Jess Phillips

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise (and extra holiday too) with The Step Up Club

From legal rights to your next move when there's no more money in the pay-rise pot, learn how to negotiate with confidence and get the most out of your career with Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine, founders of The Step Up Club. This talk is for you is you're: Looking to get ahead in your career, ambitious, and you know you're worth more!

12.20-1pm, Thrive Stage

Book Wars Live with Robert Webb and Jess Phillips

This year brought yet another wave of writers penning their feminist manifestos and championing new visions of equality. In this session join Labour MP and women’s rights lobbyist Jess Phillips with her book, Everywoman, as she sits opposite actor, comedian and one half of the award-winning comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, Robert Webb – with his offering, How Not To Be A Boy – for an extra special Book Wars Live. We’ll explore just how far each piece pushes the topic, in a 30-minute debate where your vote counts!

12.20-12.50pm, Lead Stage

Don't Hate the Shake: Body Positive & Proud

The hashtag first coined by Instagram user @yourstruelymelly helped spark a movement that took over Instagram and created a community of thousands. Meet the body positive activists, Harnaam Kaur, Megan Jayne Crabbe, Sofie Hagen and Rebekah Taussig, who are the leading the way on social media and winning at life in general. This session is in association with The Fawcett Society.

12.30-1pm, Spark Stage

Shop Like a Fashion Insider: The 2018 Wishlist

Whether it’s seasonal staples, a capsule wardrobe or a whole new look you’re after, take tips from those who are in the know. In this session, peek inside the minds of Stylist’s fashion favourites and discover who, what and where to shop for 2018.

12.30-1pm, Grow Stage

Ask a Teenage Feminist

We keep being told the future is female – so what does that future actually look like? Here, our panel of tenacious teen feminists, Amika George, Olamiju Fajemisin and Liv Jones, explain how they evoke their own brand of activism and what they really want to change. This session is in association with The Fawcett Society.

1.20-1.50pm, Lead Stage

Listen to our panel of tenacious teen feminists, Amika George, Olamiju Fajemisin and Liv Jones
Listen to our panel of tenacious teen feminists, Amika George, Olamiju Fajemisin and Liv Jones

Men On: Parenting

Here we ask the men on the frontline of fatherhood – Simon Hooper, aka Father of Daughters, and Jeff Brazier, life coach and single dad of two children – the questions usually reserved for women. They will tackle the most pressing issues pertaining to parenthood, including the juggling of family life, running on minus hours sleep without collapsing and navigating playground politics.

1.30-2pm, Spark Stage

Surviving full-on work days whilst still staying social

We'd all love to 'sleep like a baby' but sometimes life doesn't come with a pause button. Nutritionist Gabriella Peacock and yoga teacher and personal trainer Shona Vertue share real tricks on how to keep deadlines, stand out in meetings and avoid flaking on friends – even when it feels like you're running on empty. This talk is for you if you're: feeling burnt out, need to keep going, and want to stay on top of your game.

1.30-2.10pm, Thrive Stage

Trends, Tips and Creating a Scene-stealing Space: Interiors in 2018

Whether you’re planning a complete home overhaul, or just want to make a few design updates, you’ll want to a front row seat for this session in home inspiration. Interior designer Abigail Ahern talks to broadcaster Laura Jackson about all things design. From cushions to colour swatches, to the real tricks used by interior designers, discover the trends for 2018.

1.40-2.10pm, Grow Stage

Trend on Trial

One of our favourite Stylist beauty franchises comes to life on the LEAD stage at this year’s festival. Sitting down with our Beauty Director Anita Bhagwandas will be make-up artist to the stars – and the woman behind many of our own gorgeous cover shoots –  Caroline Barnes, along with head make-up artist and national brow artist for Benefit Cosmetics, Lisa Potter Dixon. They’ll bring their wealth of beauty industry insider knowledge and know-how on recreating some of our latest Trend on Trial looks – or how to just not – as the case may be…

2.20-2.50pm, Lead Stage

From Blogging to Bestseller: How to write words people want to read, with Laura Jane Williams

From the author of Ice Cream for Breakfast, discover what it takes to write a page turner, or how to pack an entire story into an Insta-caption. As well as tips on how to really sit down and just – write! This talk is for you if you're: full of story ideas, creative energy, and you love to write.

2.40-3.20pm, Thrive Stage

Mythbusting: The real ways to eat well in 2018 with The Rooted Project

Eat this, drink that, take these. Living life in the age of peak-food blogger, at the height of the clean-eating movement, can leave us wondering who to trust. Thankfully registered dieticians and founders of The Rooted Project, Rosie Saunt and Helen West, are on hand here, to debunk our food myths and teach us how to really eat well in 2018.


Rosie Saunt and Helen West
Rosie Saunt and Helen West

Why We Should Raise Our Sons As Feminists

When it's 2017 and there's still a gender pay gap, what hopes do we have for the next generation of women, unless our future male population are raised as feminists? Stylist’s editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski is joined by TV & radio's Emma Willis and stylist and blogger Freddie Harrel for a look at how they choose to raise their sons.

3.20-3.50pm, Lead Stage

Tinder Burnout? What Dating Looks Like in 2018

Tinder Schminder. Discover the future of dating from ditching your apps to safeguarding your singledom with broadcaster and sex educator Alix Fox and integrative psychotherapist Hilda Burke.

3.30-4pm, Spark Stage

Politics, why bother?

In this session, co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party Catherine Mayer, Jess Phillips Labour MP and social activist Nimco Ali, will discuss the ins and outs of getting politically involved, and why we should all be diving into the political landscape headfirst. If you want to and know you should care more about politics, but find it too overwhelming to know where to start, this is the talk for you.

3.40-4.10pm, Grow Stage

The Power Of Vulnerability: Mental Health and the Workplace

Discover how opening up to others about mental health can not only help, but empower you in the workplace – from those who have been through it. Join We're All Mad Here's Claire Eastham for this session. This talk is for you if you're strong, emotionally intelligent and want to talk fearlessly about mental health in the workplace.

3.50-4.30pm, Thrive Stage 

Turn Left: How to upgrade your holiday like a pro

Discover the travel tricks that turn economy into first class and a basic double into a room with a view with founder of global travel club Mr & Mrs Smith, Tamara Heber Percy.

4.20-4.50pm, Lead Stage

Broadcaster and sex educator Alix Fox and Integrative Psychotherapist Hilda Burke
Broadcaster and sex educator Alix Fox and Integrative Psychotherapist Hilda Burke

Kindness Culture: How to make money without selling your soul

Meet the women who give back as much as they make and learn how they do it, with Susan King (the woman behind Susan O'Hanlon Cards & Gifts), Rebel Kitchen's Tamara Arbib and author and founder of A Very Good Company, Natalie Campbell.

4.30-5pm, Spark Stage

How to be Brave: Speaking up against racism

Join Reni Eddo-Lodge, the author of Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race and DJ Clara Amfo, in this provocative discussion about how we all need to take responsibility for racism in today's society.

4.40-5.10pm, Grow Stage

How to write modern romance (and score a film deal too)

Jojo Moyes is a literary virtuoso when it comes to pulling at our heartstrings. She joins us to talk about how her best-selling novel, Me Before You, went from idea to the big screen – and just what she plans to pen next.

5-5.40pm, Thrive Stage

Can Acupuncture Change Your Life?

Always been curious? Terrified of needles? Or are you a complete sceptic? In this session discover the benefits of this alternative treatment with registered acupuncturist and women’s health expert, Emma Cannon as she talks to Stylist’s Joanna McGarry.

5.40-6.10pm, Grow Stage

Stylist Live’s Comedy Spot with Sofie Hagen

Danish comedian Sofie Hagen joins us for a hilarious evening in THRIVE as she brings her brand new (and sure to be utterly eye-watering) stand up show, Dead Baby Frog, to Stylist Live.

6.10-6.50pm, Thrive Stage 

To purchase Stylist Live tickets, click here – or check out the programmes for Friday 10 and Sunday 12 November.