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Caitlin Moran on why helping men is the next part of feminism

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Susan Devaney

Caitlin Moran thinks the next stage of feminism might just involve women helping men. 

Caitlin Moran thinks she knows how the future of feminism should look: women helping men.

It’s a thought she’d previously never had considered, let alone act on. But now, in 2018, she’s completely changed her mind. And she told Stylist why when she took to the stage for the final session of this year’s Stylist Live.

“For women, everything we [women] are now we invented 120 years ago,” says Moran. “The reason this has happened is because we invented feminism. It’s not political – it’s cultural.”

The difference, Moran believes, between men and women of today is that we’re able to go online and help out other women. We only have to simply join a network or Facebook group to seek out advice on any subject matter.

“It’s a great framework for helping other women,” says Moran. “We’re able to improve and create ourselves constantly. But men don’t have a framework or network at all.

“That might be the next job of feminism – I want to help the men.” 

It’s something that Moran has already tapped into. Case in point: the author tweeted one simple question, asking “what are the downsides of being man?” – sparking an online debate.

Moran was keen to point out that we discuss women’s issues, but we never fully touch on problems faced by men today.

“Men. Men of Twitter. What are the down-sides of being a man? We discuss the downsides of being a woman very frequently - but what’s going on with you lovely guys?,” Moran tweeted in October this year. 

The result: the author was inundated with ideas of what it means to be a man in the age of #MeToo and the Time’s Up initiative. It’s something which Moran now wants to keep the conversation going.

And as the author prepares for the release of her first film next summer, she also revealed that actress Emma Thompson (who’s part of the cast line-up and was recently made a Dame) has always been her hero.

“When my sisters and I were younger we’d take a photo of one of our heroes off the wall and eat them. I swallowed Bill Murray several times. But I also ate Emma Thompson, too.”

Moran’s latest book, How To Be Famous, is out now.

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