Fitness expert Joslyn wants to encourage us all to feel powerful

Join Nike master trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule's 'Back to Basics workout' at Stylist Live LUXE

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Joslyn Thompson Rule, one of the fitness industry’s most enigmatic influencers, will be joining us on the Stylist Live LUXE stage this year and here are the reasons why:

The fitness industry is somewhat saturated. And while we love that the message about getting and staying fit is out there, it can be overwhelmingly loud. That’s where Joslyn Thompson Rule steps in.

As creative director of Stylist Strong, our strength based studio and campaign, her mission is to clear the chatter in the industry to get women to the facts on lifting heavy, eating right and looking after ourselves. Her journey started 14 years ago when she signed up to her university rowing club. Realising the power of her own strength, she’s since gone on to become one of the best trainers in the world, working with the likes of Nike, Stylist and launching her own BS-free fitness podcast.

On 8 November, Thompson Rule will be bringing all of her knowledge to Stylist Live Luxe. Her talk/workout EXERCISE: BACK TO BASICS is a must-attend for those wanting to learn about the fundamentals of exercise.

Here’s why you won’t want to miss her…

  • 1. She tells it like it is

    Like her podcast Fitness Unfiltered suggests, Joslyn has a refreshing, no-BS approach to tackling some of the biggest fitness industry topics, such as: hormones, nutrition, stress-free living, eating disorders, mindfulness, hydration and supplements. 

    She cuts through the fitness fads and fashions, giving you the best and most reliable information surrounding health and fitness.

  • 2. She knows her shit

    Joslyn has really learned her craft through 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry, training world-class athletes and continuing to help female fitness pros to build confidence in their coaching.

    She is known to drop ‘knowledge bombs’ on Instagram on a regular basis, revealing the top-three things she feels guilty about, including masking her fear of failure under the guise of being ‘last minute’, and leap-frogging from one new project to the next.

    Her exposed self-reflection is novel and relatable in the best way possible. Keep in the know and follow @joslynthompsonrule.

  • 3. She's a mentor to female fitness trainers

    She mentors female fitness trainers through her annual Women in Fitness summit, teaching them not only the correct form but also the ways in which we can achieve lifelong fitness. 

    Joslyn has the incredible skill to make beginners feeling like a team member, empowering them with the tools to achieve their goals.

  • 4. She is incredibly down to earth

    For someone who is Nike’s global master trainer, has 16k Instagram followers, speaks regularly at events including the Women’s Fitness Summit 2019 and has been the star of international campaigns, she has her feet firmly planted on the ground. 

    Her willingness to expose her own flaws and the things she feels guilty about makes her relatable and makes us feel at ease when reflecting upon our own faults!

  • 5. She created Stylist Strong.

    Stylist Strong studio with women lifting
    Strength training: the Stylist Strong studio is an empowering place to work out.

    In between putting the fitness world to rights, mentoring trainers and Nike commitments, she managed to create Stylist Strong, an all-female strength-focused programme aimed at making ALL women unapologetically strong. 

    The strength training classes are designed to build both physical and mental strength in a smart and informed way. So, whether you’re a beginner or already have strength-training experience, Stylist Strong has a class to suit you.

To come and join Joslyn Thompson-Rule and other incredible speakers go to to book your tickets to Stylist Live Luxe, our festival of inspiration on 8-10 Nov 2019.

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