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  • Best films of 2021: No Time To Die and Pieces of a Woman

    2021 film guide: with cinemas re-opening on Monday, here are the new movies to get excited about

  • Travel

    British bucket list: the UK’s top adventures for when we’re free to travel again

  • Woman with lilac hair

    Spring’s hottest hair is anything but boring – from the new brondes to lilac and blue

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A suitcase packed with holiday items

“Is it too soon to even think about booking a summer holiday for 2021?”

We asked the experts for their advice.

Posted by
Lauren Geall
Best TV shows of 2021

35 unmissable TV shows coming to our screens in 2021

From Netflix’s Inventing Anna to a new adaptation of The Time-Traveller’s Wife.

Posted by
Kayleigh Dray
Happy single woman

Why 2021 is the year to embrace the joy of being average

It might be worth focusing on contentment and recovery next year, and accepting the beauty in mediocrity.

Posted by
Eleanor Ross
A woman looking in the mirror
Mental Health

Make your mental health a priority in 2021 with this simple approach

Developing your psychological resilience could help you ‘bounce back’ from life’s challenges.

Posted by
Lauren Geall
Posted by
Anna Brech

People are sharing their 2021 mood in hilarious film and TV gifs

This Twitter thread is everything.