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The Harder They Fall Netflix

Did Netflix’s The Harder They Fall do real-life Black pioneer Mary Fields justice?

Posted by
Morgan Cormack
  • “Don't go in the sun”: Anchal Seda on the harmful colourism South Asian women face growing up

    “Everyone wants to be the fairest of them all”: the reality of colourism for South Asian women

  • In The Heights

    “In The Heights is a bittersweet reminder that home is where the heart is”

  • Poorna Bell changed the conversation around colourism in her family.

    “How I finally changed the conversation around colourism in my family”

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Dahaba Ali Hussen talks about colourism and how to battle shade bias

The skin bleaching epidemic: how can we put an end to toxic colourism in the UK?

For some members of ethnic minority communities, a darker skin tone remains a point of contention.

Posted by
Dahaba Ali Hussen