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The January blues will hit harder this year – here are 5 things that will really help

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Ella Glover
  • functioning alcoholic

    Sober curious? Here's how to give up alcohol this Dry January

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    Long Reads

    “I gave up alcohol five years ago and here’s what I've learned”

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    Long Reads

    “This alternative approach to Dry January made me happier and healthier”

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Alcohol-free: 11 things you'll hear when you stop drinking.

11 things you (almost definitely) hear when you stop drinking

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.”

Posted by
Ally Sinyard

Win one of 20 pairs of tickets to Caleño's ultimate Joyful January Alcohol-Free Fiesta

The free spirit of Colombia is coming to Brixton, and you’re invited

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How to easily keep Dry January going throughout 2019

Annie Grace has been sober for five years. Here, she shares her best tips for sticking to Dry January once and for all

Posted by
Annie Grace
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Moya Crockett

Brighter skin, better sleep and more money: the proven benefits of Dry January

Need inspiration to stick with Dry January? A major new study provides just that...


This is what happens to your body when you give up booze

The good and the bad

Posted by
Emily Reynolds

The best low-alcohol swaps for your favourite beers, wines and spirits

Time for a booze-not-booze?

Posted by
Amy Swales