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  • Protestors demand gun control laws change in the US

    “After yet more mass shootings, how much more catastrophic does America’s rock bottom have to be?”

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    “I survived a mass shooting - but I will never get over the trauma”

  • Jacinda Ardern visits survivors of Christchurch shooting

    Why Jacinda Ardern New Zealand PM will never say the name of the Christchurch shooting suspect

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The one lesson America needs to learn from the New Zealand shooting

After the deadly attack on a mosque, New Zealand has vowed to reform their gun legislation. Why, after 50 shootings in 2019, has America failed to do the same?

Posted by
Alicia Lutes
Visible Women

Watch: 11-year-old girl demands that the world stop ignoring murdered women of colour

“I am here to say never again for those girls,” says Naomi Wadler

Posted by
Kayleigh Dray