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Ice lollies

Britain’s favourite ice lollies have been named, and people are outraged at the results

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Hollie Richardson
  • A tiny man on a moped rides along a rocket ice lolly, taken in Glasgow, Scotland, November 2016 In a tiny world where you could be attacked by a pack of gummy bears, giant confectionary isnt always so sweet. Scottish Artist and Photographer David Gilliver created the sugar series based around retro sweets in November 2016 He said: I grew up eating all of the sweets that you see in these photos and so there was a lot of nostalgia involved for me when making this work.It's also a bonus that I got to eat some of it after I had finished each photo-shot, carefully avoiding eating any of the little people! PHOTOGRAPH BY David Gilliver / Barcroft Images London

    A definitive ranking of the UK’s best ice lollies