Issue 374

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  • Careers

    Wimbledon fans, here’s what it’s like to work as a tennis umpire

    A one-day diary from morning latte to lights out

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    The Stylist web team
  • The Style List

    This week’s Style List: jewels, summer scents and statement towels

    All your sunshiny needs sorted

  • People

    Sofia Coppola talks objectifying men and casting controversy

    The director discusses The Beguiled and feeling optimistic that sexism in Hollywood is changing

  • Travel

    Discover a beach holiday like no other on a tiny Balearic island

    Stylist settles into island life on Ibiza’s little sister, Formentera

    Posted by
    Kitty McGee
  • Lucy Mangan

    Lucy Mangan: being ambitious isn’t for everyone

    "I cannot live at full stretch"

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    Lucy Mangan
  • Life

    The rise of ‘Borg Brain’: is modern technology affecting our minds?

    Studies suggest that technology isn’t just affecting our memory – it’s altering our neural pathways too