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    The hottest fashion and beauty collaboration you'll see this year

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    Why you should reset your New Year's goals and resolutions now

  • People

    Anne-Marie is UK pop’s busiest (and most honest) chart-topper

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From pensions to savings apps: money advice for millennial women

An easy guide on how to manage your money and take control of your finances

Posted by
Sarah Pennells

It's time to put salt back on the menu

It's the inexpensive ingredient that could shake up your beauty regimen

Posted by
Becci Vallis
Visible Women

Remembering Edmonia Lewis, the female sculptor who defied the rules

She was a celebrated artist of colour at a time when slavery dominated American life.

Posted by
Anna-Marie Crowhurst
R Kelly wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses, standing against a tan glittery background

Why we need to talk about R Kelly's immunity to the #MeToo movement

The musician remains unaffected by even the most atrocious allegations – and it's seriously not OK

Posted by
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff