Issue 435

  • Visible Women

    This inventor could have revolutionised periods. Why was she ignored?

  • Travel

    Travel inspiration: explore South Asia’s most chilled out region

  • Beauty

    How we’re getting closer to a cure for breast cancer in 2018

Latest Stories

  • Careers

    Why this woman gets paid to preserve precious letters

    A one-day diary, from morning latte to lights out.

    Posted by
    Hannah Keegan
  • People

    Michael Bublé reveals the hardest lesson he’s had to learn in life

    From his thoughts on the meaning of life to his greatest fear, what will Michael Bublé make of our existential questions?

    Posted by
    Colin Crummy
  • Autumnal Perfumes

    Meet three new comforting fragrances for autumn

    And no, they don't smell like pumpkin

    Posted by
    Hanna Ibraheem
  • Lucy Mangan

    Lucy Mangan’s response to man asking why she believes Dr Ford over Brett Kavanaugh

    “The rush of reasons nearly choked me.”

    Posted by
    Lucy Mangan
  • Life

    Why it’s high time we stop telling women to smile

    Don’t tell us to smile. Ever.

    Posted by
    Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett