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Murder Island

Haven’t we had enough true crime TV about young women who’ve been murdered?

Posted by
Ally Sinyard
  • Black Cake: this exciting new Hulu series from the writers of The Handmaid’s Tale sounds deliciously dark

    Black Cake is the deliciously dark murder mystery coming from the writers of The Handmaid’s Tale

  • Everything you need to know about The White Lotus, HBO’s dark social satire on luxury tourism

    Here’s where you can watch The White Lotus, HBO’s murder-mystery on a luxury island

  • See How They Run: Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan

    Saoirse Ronan’s new murder mystery promises to take us on a wild ride

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Harry Melling

A murder mystery about Edgar Allan Poe? Well played, Netflix

Harry Potter and The Queen’s Gambit star Harry Melling will take on the role of the iconic author.

Posted by
Amy Beecham
How to host a virtual murder mystery on Zoom

How to host your own online murder mystery party

From ticketed events to tips on how to host your own, here’s everything you need to unleash your inner Miss Marple.

Posted by
Kayleigh Dray