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A woman stressed out while working from home

Work won’t love you back – so why do we give so much to our jobs?

Posted by
Lauren Geall
  • Eating lunch at your desk could cost you more than you think.

    This is the true cost of skipping your lunch break

  • Life

    Only 3% of our time is spent doing things we actually enjoy

  • Hobbies can boost confidence at work

    Here’s how spending more time on your hobbies could actually help your career

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Employees in the workplace

Boss urges employees not to apologise for having a life, in viral LinkedIn post

Impassioned plea goes viral

Posted by
Anna Brech

Why you shouldn’t push yourself too hard at work

Consistently working overtime or investing huge amounts of effort into your job isn’t good for you – or your career.

Posted by
Moya Crockett