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An illustration of a woman having a panic attack with a pink background

What’s the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack?

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Lauren Geall
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    Sheridan Smith’s “heartfelt” show on maternal mental health has got everyone talking

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    How to talk to your manager about your mental health

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    Matt Haig shares his tried-and-tested advice for boosting your mental wellbeing

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Why Nadiya Hussain hates the term ‘mental health issues’

"It covers everything up and I don’t think that’s OK"

Posted by
Sarah Biddlecombe
Nadiya Hussain on anxiety - Stylist cover star
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Nadiya Hussain reveals reality of living with debilitating panic attacks

She has been living with panic disorder for as long as she can remember. Now, Nadiya Hussain is ready to open up about her anxiety

Posted by
Helen Bownass
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Why your employer needs to take action on mental health

300,000 people lose their jobs every year due to mental ill health. Clearly, we need change

Posted by
Rebecca Hastings

What is panic disorder – and do you suffer from it?

Nadiya Hussain described it as a 'monster'

Posted by
Megan Murray