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“I was invited to the most prestigious night in fashion and I decided not to go, here's why”

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Billie Bhatia
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    Ashley Graham shut down a troll who judged her pregnancy journey in the classiest way

  • michelle elman linda blacker plus size asian representation
    Long Reads

    The plus-size Asian women behind that viral photo have a powerful message for us all

  • Plus size supermodel Emme

    Emme has some brilliant advice for anyone who’s been body-shamed by social media trolls

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Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday reveals how “exhausting and isolating” it is to be a body positivity icon

“Women are told they have to be naturally beautiful, but what we’ve defined as ‘natural’ isn’t natural at all,” says Tess Holliday.

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Renee Cafaro
Plus size model

Want to be plus size AND fashionable? Finally, fashion brands are catering to you

Two writers have a candid conversation about shopping when you don’t fit in.

Posted by
Billie Bhatia and Hannah-Rose Yee
Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil just reminded everyone how dangerous fatphobia really is

“Check yourself and your fatphobia at the door please.”

Posted by
Hannah-Rose Yee

The story behind my tattoos by plus size model Tess Holliday

“My right arm is decorated with all the women who I look up to and who have inspired me”

Posted by
Sarah Biddlecombe