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We need to see more women of colour with disabilities presenting on scree

This woman’s viral tweet about missing a train exposes a massive problem in society

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Hollie Richardson
  • wedding dress shopping
    Long Reads

    “The realities of shopping for a wedding dress in a wheelchair”

  • Wheelchair Twitter thread

    This viral Twitter thread on finding love in a wheelchair is essential reading

  • Ali Stroker

    This actor just made history as the first person in a wheelchair to win a Tony Award

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Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair

Selma Blair praises Sarah Michelle Gellar for helping her live her life post-MS diagnosis

The friends just spent a day celebrating their relationship at Disneyland.

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Hannah-Rose Yee
Bird's eye view of a wheelchair casting a shadow

This viral Twitter thread exposes the reality of a night out in a wheelchair

“Hold onto your hats,” says Lucy Webster, because “it’s a bumpy ride.”

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Kayleigh Dray