5 of the best things to come out of California

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From thoughtful fashion to Silicon Valley, California is the state that keeps on giving. Here are some of our favourite exports…

As well as forming the backdrop to one of the best teen TV shows in recent history, California is one of those places that seems to ooze the kind of laid-back attitude we’d all like a piece of.

In turn, the state has been the catalyst for many great inventions that have taken the world by storm. 

Still not convinced? Here are the best things to have come out of California…

1. Eco fashion

Fast fashion doesn’t tally up with the Californian way of life, and the state’s laid back attitude and leaning towards mindfulness has morphed into a cognisant approach to fashion.

Californian brands like Bon George are committed to sustainable, ethical fashion. Bon George in particular design and produce their clothes in LA and use recycled fabrics to make sustainable, vintage-inspired clothes.

Then there’s HFS (that’s short for Hipsters for Sisters - really) made up of mother-daughter team Debra and Rachel Denniston. They produce belt bags using earth-friendly materials we never knew existed. Pineapple leather anyone?

2. Pared-down beauty 

Thanks to toned-down Californian beauty, it’s no longer necessary to have an arts degree and dozens of products for a finished make-up look. 

The Golden State is all about that natural glow and soft beach waves (with a good dash of glitter when the occasion calls for it). We’re looking at you, Coachella. 

That muted, cool beauty extends to fragrance as well. Take Los Angeles beauty brand DedCool for instance. It was started in 2011 by then 21-year-old Carin Chaz and prides itself on creating “unisex, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic scents with a naturally chic edge”.

Hats off to the West Coast for making us happy to leave the lip liner and hair straighteners tucked away whenever we fancy.

3. Kombucha

You don’t have to thrive off H2O alone, and if you’re looking to mix up your routine it’s time to look to the Californian model and introduce some kombucha.

If you haven’t heard of it, kombucha is a tea-based drink fermented with specific microorganisms and packed with live cultures.

Kombucha itself originated in China hundreds of years ago, but it’s rising in popularity again after being embraced by Cali wellbeing gurus. 

Sitting firm within the modern kombucha movement is KeVita, a tea-based drink fermented with microorganisms and comes ready to drink in a selection of flavours.

It came into being in 2009 after organic winemaker Bill Moses and holistic nutritionist Chakra Earthsong (could you get more Cali?) put their heads together to create a drink that can be enjoyed from quenching a breakfast thirst to midday yoga and onto an evening refreshment.

Whether you’ve got a soft spot for Tart Cherry, a fondness for Ginger or an affinity with Pineapple Peach, chances are KeVita have got your tastes covered with their range of flavours.

4. Techie mindfulness

Silicon Valley is home to all of the big guns in tech, from Apple to Google. And that means it’s also home to some of the most successful people in technology, most of whom have played a part in spreading the message that mindfulness is a key tool to their success. 

Incidentally, as mindfulness and meditation continues to rise in popularity, so do our means of accessing it through technology.

With the development of apps such as Headspace, Insight Timer and Happy Not Perfect and the ability to track the time we’re giving to our mental wellbeing, our phones have become a useful tool when it comes to our health. 

And yeah, sometimes your acai bowl looks especially beautiful and it would be a crime not to Instagram it, and where would we be without that? 

5. Breathwork(out)

How many times have you struggled through a cardio class only to escape as soon as those 50 minutes are up, collapse in a heap and not talk to anyone for the remainder of the evening?

A rising trend in Cali fitness is calling for us to rethink how we leave the studio. Different Breed Studio in Los Angeles has introduced a Breathwork(out) class that combines HIIT, ‘interactive discussion’ and breathwork. 

The idea is you leave your session with greater self-awareness and mental strength as well as throbbing muscles.

Whether you’re looking for something on the go or need a new staple flavour, drink up the spirit of California and keep up to date over at @kevita_europe. Shop the range at Planet Organic, Whole Foods and selected London cafes. Also coming soon to Ocado and selected Sainsbury’s.